Shotgun Merkel 200E its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Merkel 200E or Merkel 200E is a combined double-barreled gun with a vertical arrangement of trunks. This unit was designed specifically for professional hunting, for any kind of hunting, both small and large animals.

Rifle Merkel, was released the eponymous German company Merkel, who creates weapons using hand-built.

This unit is very high quality, high analysis, so You can rarely see it on the Russian market.

Merkel 200E is performed with the trigger mechanism locks the «blitz». These locks can still be called a false backing. The unit has spoilers, which help to avoid spontaneous shots, even if you throw the gun from a great height. If the hammer breaks, it is automatically blocked by the spoiler. This system makes Merkel 200E is very safe and reliable to use.

Merkel 200E is very beautiful in appearance, as it has a steel barrel that is specifically made cold forging. The chic treatment is only more pleasing to hands and eyes. Look great and cover locks, special boards, which are made in the likeness of marble. The kind of gun gives a very stylish but strict.

Merkel has a very convenient example, which is used for cheeks. This app is made from precious wood, carefully varnished and polished carefully.

The unit features a spring loaded ejector, which easily can be disabled. If disabled, the application becomes the extractor, and the casings get manually.

There is one and only trigger that works on both barrels.

When breaking the barrels when reloading weapons, there is a construction Kurkov and automatically turns on the fuse.

This system is designed for a couple of hundred thousand openings and more.

Merkel 200E features:

— 12 diameter cartridge with the sleeve 70 mm in the upper trunk and 9.3 x 74R in the lower trunk;

— the total length of the weapon is 1200 millimeters;

— barrel length is 710 mm;

— weight of unit is 3.1 kg.

In General, Merkel 200E is a unique, expensive, but very reliable German gun. The production is made in the highest quality, so the unit is suitable for private collecting by Amateurs such fads.

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