Shotgun MC 20-01 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Single-barrel repeating rifle with manual reloading of MC 20-01 for decades used by hunters for commercial and Amateur hunting of animals and game in any climatic conditions. The gun because of their characteristics shows excellent results on real hunting and is very common among professional hunters. Widely publicized hunting rifles has long been known, they can be used for «urban» hunting. But in the forest, when a hunter is forced daily to walk several miles in search of prey, expensive and prestigious shotguns are rarely used. Industrial weapons must be light and highly reliable while hunting in harsh conditions. To such weapons, and demands the special and shotgun MC 20-01 quite corresponds to them.

Shotgun MC 20-01 was released, after years of careful design, in 1979 Tula Central constructively-research Bureau for hunting and sporting arms. Arms production has always been quality and reliability. Prior to admission of the weaponry products to the public, they were conducted a detailed study and quality assurance in different terms of playback shots.

The design of the gun consists of a single barrel, a removable store with non-automatic reloading mechanism, with a longitudinally-sliding rotary shutter. During firing the bullets of the twentieth caliber and length of the cartridge chamber 70 mm. It is a beautiful and elegant rifle with a traditional wooden stock and a pistol half the neck butt. From the total weight of this gun stands out for its convenient stopper to the bolt, open sights and a sharp caliber.

In the receiver the barrel is held fixed and motionless. This characteristic has a positive effect on the accuracy of the shot and the ability to accurately hit the target. To reload the gun you need to make less effort than with the pump mechanism. Easy to use, robust construction, durability and low price have helped this brand shotguns remain popular to the present time.

A bolt rifle requires a special attention, as it is confident to use it can only be experienced shooter, with specific skills and habits. However, long-term use of the gun showed that over time, this process would no longer be a hassle and time reproduction of actions is given minimal. The design of the mechanisms of the gun are similar to the characteristics of rifles, smooth-bore models of butterfly valves (like a rifle) with manual feeding of ammunition and ejection of fired cartridge cases are very rare.

The weight of the shotgun MC 20-01 does not exceed three kilograms, there is a shop that holds 2 or 4 balls, the chamber is designed for 70-millimeter cartridge cases, ideally, the use of brass. Barrel length is 74 cm, with a total length of 115 cm. guns For protection against corrosion the barrel is fully chrome plated including all metal parts of the product. Wooden bed made of birch, and in the gift options for used carving walnut.

It is recommended to buy a shotgun MC 20-01 hunters who don’t have enough experience shooting, but want to use a rifled weapon. In order to choose quality rifle, you need to consult with experts or experienced hunters. Correctly matched gun, with no defects will last for decades.

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