Shotgun Franchi 612 VS its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

This weapon refers to the type self-loading shotguns. The size: 12. The length of core is 76 mm. Shop tubular type, grenade. Magazine capacity: 6 rounds. Total length: 1100 mm Barrel: 610 mm gun Weight: 3.2 kg Designed for Amateur hunting. A rifle suitable for target shooting. The model gun has received a lot of new technical solutions, which greatly simplify the process of hunting, making fire from this gun more comfortable. When impact of automation works so that the stem becomes movable, that is, walks. The advantages of this gun a lot. One of the main piston, which is located on the front of the store, are a good strong spring. This solution allows the piston to absorb the energy of recoil when using heavy charges. It also reduces the load on the hunter when shooting, making it more accurate.

The gun barrel is made of chrome-molybdenum steel. They also have chrome channels, which provide corrosion resistance. The barrel can be made with cuts in the muzzle part thereof, or to have changeable muzzle nozzles with various contraction and length (length from 50 to 150 mm). Corrugated choke is needed to better dissipate a fraction. So, moving on the trunk, a pillar of the fraction is the third thread that ask him rotational motion. Passing the muzzle, fraction, under the influence of forces of inertia, continues to move forward and to the side.

Shotgun Franchi 612 VS its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Between the stock and receiver, you can insert the inserts (they are removable and included in the kit) to adjust the angle of the butt. This will allow the arrow to adjust all the dimensions under.

A special device, the trigger of this gun makes it safe. It allows to extract cartridges from the store through the window in the receiver, bypassing the chamber. In addition, the trigger mechanism prevents the cartridge in the chamber even if the store is fully charged. The fuse also acts as the guarantor of safety: it blocks the trigger pull, the hook, and drummer and percussionist of the striker. Replaceable rubber stelnicki different thicknesses also are supplied to the gun. The butt and the bed is made of solid walnut (European), which has straight grained wood structure. This is very important as this feature of the wood largely determines the strength of the Lodge.

Feature of the gun is that it is incredibly convenient and safe.

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