Shotgun Browning characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Rifled semi-automatic rifle Browning (abbreviated BAR) included in the category of auto gas operated guns. A national company (FN) for several years conducted research in the field of military weapons of this category and on the basis of the findings first used these principles in the hunting and sports weapon.

The results of the studies were designed reliable trouble-free, easy to handle gun Browning, with the very accurate shooting.

Due to the necessary selection and allocation to the mobile mass was achieved the perfect balance of the gun. In addition, due to the automatic venting of the principle reduces the recoil force acting on the shooter’s shoulder. Unparalleled accuracy is achieved through the perfection of the trunk system, its circuit and no appreciable recoil.

The principles of the present mechanism of the gun is very simple — part of the propellant gas from the barrel is diverted into the gas chamber located under the barrel and it involves a further transfer of gas pressure on gas piston, which in turn is under pressure begins to move back and actuates the shutter itself trigger mechanism.

The shutter moves back under the influence of the gas piston and moved to its rearmost position in the receiver. However, the chamber is extracted and ejected the used cartridge case from the gun. Then a shutter with a return spring moves back, grabbing the path of the next cartridge, Doyle it into the chamber and closes the trunk. A distinctive feature of the Browning rifles is the barrel locking system with rotary cylinder lock.

Charging the rifle is happening with the distinctive feature that is unique to guns in this series: it has an internal removable store attached to the rotary cover.

In the release the safety clip from the gun Browning is the fuse for the push button type. It is very easy to use due to the extended buttons.

Given the cartridge, which is inserted into the cartridge chamber of the barrel, the gun is placed from 3 to 5 pieces.

Escapement BAR rifle with factory settings has a hard short descent with a force of about 1.8 kg, which fully meets the safety requirements. Arms manufacturer strongly recommends that you not attempt themselves to exercise any adjustments descent.

The gun BAR is available in basic and even in several variants.

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