Shotgun Browning B-25 — its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

The weapon refers to the type of double-barreled shotguns and has a vertical arrangement of the barrel.

12 gauge. The sleeve 70 or 76 mm.

The barrel LENGTH of 700 mm.

The TOTAL LENGTH of WEAPONS — 1250 mm.

WEIGHT — 3100 R.

Weapons produced renowned in the field of development of military weapons, the Belgian company FN (Fabrique Nacionale). BROWNING known company engaged in the development of military weapons.

TARGET AUDIENCE: the rifle is made for bench and trench shots, as well as for use in hunting big animals and birds. Will appeal to collectors and hunting weapons.

ADVANTAGES: BROWNING B-25 is one of the most expensive rifles produced by BROWNING: the production process of the gun is done manually. It is produced using the same technology as the first gun of this model made in 1925.

In order to protect against corrosion of the cartridge chamber and the barrels, they are provided with chrome plating, as well as special drilling «Backbore», which reduces recoil and thus increases the speed and accuracy of flight of the projectile, and reduces deformation of the pellets.

The mechanism trigger is an internal trigger-type «Anson-Dilla». Two barrel single trigger. The trunks are made of steel, which is used to manufacture rifles. For removing guns, you just need to open the locking mechanism by sliding them along the stream.

The locking strap is quite wide and provides a reliable locking mechanism, and due to the light taper has a considerable margin for wear.

The gun has six nozzles with a muzzle narrowing, which provide comfort in the process of hunting and packing, no constriction 50 mm to change the size of the trunk.

BROWNING B-25 has ejectors, which are always in a free position and operable from the movement of the ejector hammers. Due to this is a powerful release liners.

For there is a sight rib ventilated.

The gun is very good, it has a direct classic bed combined with an exquisite example in the form of a fish tail. The shank in the form of «Tulip» with a special notch for easy hold weapons. Metal and woodwork, beautifully decorated. Bed polished and lacquered, with engraving on side boards the subject of hunting. The butt pad is made of horn, bone and precious wood.

BROWNING B-25, you can safely assume the gun dreams. The only negative, which makes it unavailable to many hunters — the value of this rare gun. But it passed the test of time, aesthetically the gun is a great choice for hunting and sport shooting.

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