Shotgun Beretta AL 391 Ourika 12 and 20 calibers its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

This weapon is not only very attractive but also very practical and accurate in the right hands.

The number of structural features typical for self-loading shotguns «Beretta AL 391 Ourika» 12 and 20 gauges.

The receiver is streamlined.

Rounding streamlined shape of the receiver helps instant instinctive aiming. A bright trim complements the matte antireflective finish of the receiver. Thus, the arms are very graceful in appearance.

The venting system automation.

Exclusive vapor control system includes a gas cylinder, self-cleaning gas and exhaust valves. It is through the exhaust valve automatically bleeds the pressure of the powder gases when used very powerful ammunition. In the result, it is possible without any regulation to shoot bullets weighing from 24 to 57 grams, which are 76 mm in length.

The shock of the blowback.

The elasticity of the shock absorber helps to prevent stroke shutter in the receiver. This absorbs part of the recoil energy is normally transmitted to the shooter.

Trigger mechanism.

The skeleton of the mechanism is made of high strength polymer fiberglass. This gives advantages in the ability of a material to self-clean and to absorb the vibrational load, the Increased dimensions of the Safety trigger guard has an increased size, which allows you to shoot with gloves on.

Shut-off device.

Test switch-blade cartridges is on the right side of the receiver. You can enable it with one hand only with the shutter closed. Been left on the razor after the first shot will automatically turn off.

Pay fuse.

The standard position of the bolt guard installed for right-hand shooters. If need be, it can be reversed for left-hand shooters.


An example of a rifle designed to replace the plastic trim on the rubber damper. Such a replacement is completely without fit.

Polymer spacer installed between the receiver and butt stock allows you to change the angle of reduction and the deviation of the stock.

Accessories of the gun.

«Beretta AL391 Ourika» is a modern suitcase and equipped with complete accessories.

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