Shotgun Benelli M3 Super 90 Variochoke its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Weapons Benelli M3 Super 90 Variochoke was developed in 1989 by the organization under the name BENELLI in Italy. First of all, this unit was created specifically for self-defense in private use, but if you pick up the extended barrel special nozzles, we can safely go on the hunt.

Benelli M3 Super 90 is very popular in Europe, according to the study, every third person that has the gun uses Benelli. An excellent result, given that this gun is not a small sum of money.

Benelli M3 Super 90 Variochoke is a semi-automatic weapon with a smooth stem, furnished only dark and black, and all blued metal inserts.

This unit has a 12 diameter cartridge, 76 mm cartridge case. As MZ Benelli Super 90 is available with under-barrel store, tubular type, capacity 7 rounds. Barrel length 660 mm, with a total length of the weapon, equivalent to 1010 mm. Benelli weight is 3.4 pounds.

A good feature is that the weapon can be charged in two ways:

1. in semi-automatic mode, using the recoil of the entire gun;

2. manual movement of the forearm.

Transitions to these modes are made quite easily and quickly on the front of the forearm is a special switch.

A Benelli M3 SUPER 90 that in any mode it is possible to change any non-conforming cartridge in the chamber, for this you need to pull the crank bolt. These features have Italian great reliability.

Work Benelli M3 Super 90 is done the following way: when the shot is made, between the gate and move the frame a large powerful spring is compressed. When the spring is in place, the skeleton leans back, unlocking the barrel and throwing out the unnecessary casing. There is a kind of circle, when a new cartridge appears in the cartridge chamber and the bore is closed during the return stroke of the core. In order to use the BENELLI M3 SUPER-90 VARIOCHOKE was reliable there should be enough counter-recoil. You have to understand that shooting in manual mode sumosalad will not work. An important condition is that you need to use only quality factory ammo.

Summing up, we can distinguish BENELLI M3 SUPER-90 VARIOCHOKE is a semi-automatic weapon, expensive, but very reliable. Has two modes of recharge that is suitable for an inexperienced shooter. Remember that the weapon was created for private use and not for hunting, a long barrel can be used for sport shooting.

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