Shotgun Benelli M3 Super 90 its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Shotgun Benelli M3 Super 90 its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Shotgun Benelli M3 Super 90 is the newest and most modern weapons that are able to provide all the needs of hunters. It’s got a known system inertia charging, it has a high degree of reliability and can fully meet the needs of hunters. In addition to the gun is attached a large number of accessories in the form of plastic butts to improve its usability. Includes a traditional example for rifle, use the pistol grip and is an example for the most comfortable use.

A large number of interchangeable accessories enhances the use of guns and the efficiency of its use. If you think about its excellent technical characteristics, a small number of parts, simple and efficient mechanism to weapons, this gun is the best option. It is comfortable to maintain, use and clean, easy to charge, has a high fire rate and elegant appearance. In General, in this model, there is simply no worthy competitors in this category.

You can use two modes of reloading a gun, switching them independently. Semi-automatic option is based on the inertia spring and the energy shot for reloading and gun Doyle new cartridge. It is possible to use manual pump-action type, when the gate peredergivaete using a special mechanism. That is, you can adjust the gun to fit my needs.

To change modes very quickly in the field. For this you just need to turn the key, then the gun will switch to another mode of operation. When using semi-automatic mode of the gun when firing the shutter moves to a distance of 4 mm forward and compresses the inertia spring. She sends the bolt back and the cartridge ejects. The return spring takes the slide forward, resulting in the promise of a new cartridge into the chamber and the gun ready for the next shot.

When switching to manual mode, the effect of the inertia of the spring is fully blocked. Movement of the forearm occurs the ejection of the spent cartridge case from the gun and the promise of a new cartridge. In some cases, manual reload will be much easier for the hunter.

It is a reliable and versatile rifle, able to provide all the needs of the hunter in its use and to ensure long term reliable service.

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