Shop for boat when fishing for catfish on Kwok

What are the requirements for the boat, we have reviewed with you here, now let’s talk about the bench for the boat. Don’t laugh!!! This is a very important attribute. Why homemade store, I attach great importance? It’s very simple. Sitting on the bench that come in the kit, you sit inside the boat, and therefore far from the water. With this arrangement, the body gets tired quickly. You need to constantly bend down over the side of the boat and to control your tackle.

So I made my own shop, and the factory are left at home. The bench is made just for convenience, but I have something to advise you.

So, the bench I made from pine boards with a width of about 250mm. Its thickness is arbitrary, but it should not be very thin, as it will permanently bend under your weight. This will allow you to do much, will break or not? And you do not want too thick, heavy bench does not need anyone. The length of the Board should be from side to side and to lie flat on the cylinders of your boat, not to take only half the space of one full container. Dry, well-polished Board, I was soaked in the medium for wood, for outdoor use. Thus you can choose any color, to your taste. After complete drying of the coated colorless ship paint (it is possible and even desirable a few times). When the varnish is completely dry I «walked» on the Board sand paper 2000 size. What does it do? During the application of varnish on the Board could get grit, and other debris which will cause scratches and can even bring your boat in disrepair. On the ground where Board touches the sides of the boat, and the place where I sit, it is advisable to treat the rubber material. What did I do? I bought a camping Mat. It is sold in any sportmagazin or market. Based on the width of the Board cut the pieces of pad and reinforced them with rubber bands. Harnesses are made from old inner tube(car). Just cut across and make great harnesses. Thus, wearing harnesses on the finished Board, you can paste pre-cooked pieces of Mat. To the place where you sit, you can put several pieces. You will be comfortable and relatively soft to sit on. Besides, this rubber is porous and does not absorb moisture. The best material I have not picked up.

Why you need to fix the Mat to the places where the shop is facing the tank of the boat? First, it is not disturbed the top layer of the material from which made the boat. Second, the bare Board has a tendency to creak, faced with rubber, especially when the water falls. And I said, extraneous noise should be deleted entirely. Also this bench can be put in any place where you can fish: it is the nose of the boat, it will feed. The right choice is for you.


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