Shooting and comparing the caliber and subcaliber boepripasov different caliber for hunting

In our paper, we consider the bullet shots with multiple types of projectiles, the caliber of which is from 12/70. The main factor to be the process of evaluation is the efficiency of fire. This criterion has a lot more options than we used to think ordinary hunters. Take into account the parameters, starting from the interaction of the cartridge with the weapon, ending the range and power failure.

To assess the balloons, use the parameters that have received justification, namely:

•The diameter dispersion is less than 30 cm.

•Energy of 200 KGM

•The height above the aiming – not more than 4 cm.

Energy is a tremendous force that would be enough effective for shooting large animals. Dispersion characterizes the efficiency of destruction, and the last parameter – shooting one sight.

All the shells are divided into two classes, depending on the diameter of the barrel and channel. They are usually divided into block and piercing.

All the balls of the first class, equal to the diameter of the bore. They have a sharp drop in energy on the way to the goal, so the effective range is not more than 50 meters. Additionally they have a wide level of dispersion, it reaches up to 50 inches.

Shooting and comparing the caliber and subcaliber boepripasov different caliber for hunting

Of course, in recent years substantially improved guns and ammunition, so that the dispersion of the bullets dropped to 15 centimeters. But in any case, this type of ammunition simply by definition can not show efficiency at a great distance, because the bullets have low speed flight and quickly lose their energy. But still, their advantage is the low price, availability and ability to easily work with the available sight on the gun.

Second class – piercing bullets, they could become a real revolution for small arms. These balls have a smaller diameter than the caliber of the barrel, and this fact can be called a major advantage in their favor.

Use piercing bullets possible to increase the effective firing range for shotguns. Hunter had the opportunity to hit a target at a greater distance, keeping the effective stopping power of the bullet. It has secured the hunters do not have to get close to a dangerous animal on a distance shot caliber bullets.

These balls are pretty well behave at different distances, but the shells still do not exist. That is why, the ball need to choose based on the characteristics of set process of hunting, based on my own experience.

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