Shoes to use for winter hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing in winter brings not only the satisfaction from the acquisition of the trophy, but also can harm the health by exposure to cold temperatures on the body. Hunters choose warm and comfortable clothes to warm the body, but not always prefer comfortable shoes that can protect from frost. At low temperatures the legs can be amorosity and not be able to move independently. Uncomfortable and tight shoes for a few hours forms a painful corn that the long walk in extreme conditions, can turn into open ulcers.

Modern manufacturers of specialized footwear for hunting and fishing took care of setting up models with different coloring, kind of cut price bracket and suitable for the most demanding customer, and most importantly to help make the hunt a memorable and reliable. After all there is a saying «wolf legs feed» suitable for hunting, because a long walk in the wilderness with a large backpack and a heavy rifle is no easy task.

Shoes should be absolutely no soak, getting the slightest water particles carries with it the threat of frostbite. Informed hunters and fishermen wrapped his legs with polythene, and then put on wool socks. This method has its drawbacks – the hunter while walking uncomfortable, and the feet not getting air. Lower limbs sweat a lot, and also the skin cannot carry out necessary metabolic processes.

Going hunting where you will have a lot of walking, should not wear fishermen’s boots with a wide ankle. These shoes don’t fix the leg, which can result in a sprain and bruises. Also it is not necessary at low temperatures to wear rubber boots or PVC. Rubber has heat-conducting properties and summer in a Shoe is hot and winter is cold.

In the manufacture of footwear for fishing and hunting use quality materials: genuine leather, rubber, steel, plastic, cork. For fixation of the tibia using special inserts that help to make the movement comfortable. To avoid slipping on ice or snow, the developers have successfully used a soft rubber. Footwear for fishing stitch long-lasting durable threads, which do not rot.

Going on a group fishing in the marsh, bring lightweight boots with EVA. They are used in case of damage of the primary pair of shoes. Replacement shoes have to be in the campaign, because of the inability of several participants to continue the movement, the rest will have to be urgently interrupted.

Ice on the sole of the boot ice cleats mounted on the toe or heel. They help to keep the balance and prevent injuries on the ice. Suitable for all kinds of active pastime on a winter lap of nature.

For winter shoes used several layers of heavy-duty material that even during prolonged wear is not trampled and not spoiled. Boots by Irish Setter are made from such materials, the insole is 13 mm thick and the alternation of special ingredients makes it a versatile defender from moisture and freezing.

Fishing boots should be no hooks, otherwise the fishing line and then will try for them to cling to. Certainly the presence of non-slip soles, which in any weather waterproof.

Well-known producers provide for shoes of different tests in the environment in which they will be used. When purchasing you must provide all the information about the product and its characteristics.

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