Shoes and clothes in winter fishing.

Pay attention to their shoes, because the feet in the first place indicates that the person peremarket and they feel cold.

When choosing shoes, make sure that it was a size larger. This is necessary in order to make feet comfortable and comfortable, and inside it is necessary to equip the insulating spacers.

Shoes must have a thick polyurethane sole, inside is fur. Experts advise to use women’s sanitary pads as insoles, because they better retain moisture that has penetrated, protecting the feet from freezing.

It is extremely important for the entire body and well-being while fishing. Some anglers use pads instead of newspaper, but the effect is much weaker. Going on a fishing trip put on clean wool socks, it is best if they will be linked from the dog hair. The main functions of such a sock – good to warm the foot, not allowing it to sweat. Socks from the dog six have many useful properties – they do not RUB the legs and render curative and preventive effect, providing vital ventilation. Spare socks are important item in your backpack fisherman, don’t forget about her.

Take care of the head.

Head and neck is always very sensitive to cooling. In the back of the centre is responsible for thermoregulation, cold need to protect also the lower back and hands. How to protect the honor of the body of the fisherman? In the first place under the cap you need to wear a Balaclava, has an oval slot for the face. The liner shall consist of single layer top and two or three-layer bottom, which must be covered shoulders and neck, it is important that it is well closed the chest and back. One of the layers to sew the mesh. This well-equipped liner protects ice-fishing, performing also the function of the scarf, which is often just interfere with motion, creating a situation of discomfort.

What to wear on your hands.

Different people feel the cold. And it happens that some just leather gloves, besides it is very convenient. After having drilled the hole, it is possible to remain in normal tissue seals or pulling the sleeves of the Baselayer. Them or the sleeves of the sweater covered the palm with the rear, which protects it from the cold. When severe frosts should be afraid to wet hands, or take of the metal things. Nice towel of soft, well-absorbing cloth should always be at hand from the fisherman, it will be convenient to wipe his hands.

Among the useful tips, one concerns the use of so-called harnesses, which is made from the usual tourist Mat. This detail is very necessary and appreciated by many fans of fishing and people of extreme professions. Wide elastic band, which is sewn to the pad covers the seat providing the necessary comfort while fishing. Such a thing can be also purchased as one of the items in the store.

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