Sharing for predatory fish

To catch predatory fish, it must somehow draw. For this you need to impose on the hook the fish smaller, so-called live bait. It can be ruff, gudgeon, verkhovka, ukleja etc. For catching catfish and large pike may need to handle more (bream, roach, Zope). Mainly predatory fish of any size, actively feed on small fish ( optimal length 7 — 9 cm ). Perch, Zander, Chub, bersh more like a narrow cuttings: verkhivka ukleja, eel, bullhead, bull. And only for the soma, the shape and size of bait does not matter. For the production of live bait can be used rod or melanocyte. Stored cuttings are best in the box, covered by a grid with a small cell, who must be in the water in a shaded place.

Before fishing part of the cuttings are selected and transferred to Cana ( special containers). They cuttings are transported to the place of fishing. Kanu with cuttings should be kept in the shade to prevent overheating. If the fish begin to float to the surface of the water and grab a breath, then the water needs to be replaced. For cooling Kanu can cover it with a wet cloth. During transportation in the winter cans with cuttings needs to be insulated, wrapped them on the outside fabric and paper.

Not all the cuttings are equally tenacious. Trolling rod fish are not very vitality, demand of quality water and sufficient oxygen content in it. Hardier carp and demersal fish. They are well stored and transported. Therefore, choosing bait, consider: in what way, in what circumstances and when will be fishing.

Donnie cuttings are used only when catch predatory fish at half depth or area of the reservoir, where there is a clean bottom.

Trolling rod cuttings suitable for use as in zakoryazhennyh places, and for catching from the bottom.

Stick the bait fish can be different. The most successful can consider the nozzle on snastochki of two single hooks tied to a leash. If you have to fish in stagnant water, put the top hook of a smaller size than the lower, and the flow – Vice versa. For the nozzle take the large and medium cuttings. Small fish are better suited for attachment to single hooks when hooking is inserted through the mouth of the bait, a stinger hook out through the cheek or base of the Gill cover. Should not be used for attachment of the cuttings are too thick leashes and very large hooks. Zhivtsovy tackle should have sufficient strength and must not interfere with the live bait to move freely in the water.

It may happen that after catching’ll remain drowning live bait. Throwing them away is not necessary, as they can still be useful. At catching of a predator on the track or on a mug during winter fishing, with intense biting successfully used even the dead cuttings. However, to take a dead bait fish, turned belly-up, predatory fish do not want. Therefore, before using drowning of the bait fish, you need to invest them in the abdomen a small sinker in the form of a piece of lead or released from the swim bladder of live bait air. To deceive predatory fish, you need to put a dead bait in a natural position with a slight rocking on the water. Often snastochki set of frozen fish. In the winter, when the lack of oxygen in the water, lethargic predatory fish showing a greater interest in sedentary and fixed fish, impaled on snastochki.

To fishing was successful, you need to know what bait to offer one or other predatory fish.

For many anglers the top are the ultimate live bait for Zander, perch and especially ASP.

Very good liveused for catching of all predatory fishes, is ukleja. But it is often enough to change, because, baited the hook, ukleja has a special movement first, and then quickly exhausted and dies. This is especially the case where the heat, slow water.

Minnow and the trout well attract small pike and large perch in those waters, where weak currents and without currents. For this bait to catch mainly predatory fish at half depth.

Roach is quite lively and tenacious fish. Often used by small and medium-sized instances. She like all predatory fish, especially pike.

Affordable and very hardy bait fish is carp. Basically only used small Karasik. Best of all a fish takes the pike lives in ponds with dense thickets. Other predators do not abandon carp only under intensive feeding.

The perch is well suited for successful catching pike. Annual perch not opposed to profit ASP and Chub. In waters where lives are especially a lot of bass, there are times when the old perch bite perch — fingerlings.

Essential live bait for catching pike can be considered ruff. Especially often it is used as the nozzle in the winter. Impaled on hooks ruffs few days can stay alive.

Peskar is a very good live bait for catching ASP, perch, pike, perch, Chub. However, like Allee, a minnow on the hook long lives and require constant replacement.

Bulls – excellent cuttings for catching perch, chubs and perch. The use of bulls makes sense in those waters, where the number of residence sufficient.

The bullhead is very often the best bait for catching predatory fish of all kinds.

Loach, as a good bait to use for catching catfish and perch.

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