Set winter fisherman

This article lists the minimum set that should be available to anglers for winter fishing. The information will not contain names of any brands, but just lists the necessary things.

The Icepick.

At a time when the ice is not yet fully stood up, biting almost all fish, so many people are very happy to take the tackle and go fishing. However, this occupation is very dangerous because the ice is thin, and the fishermen in search catchability places, drilled holes almost anywhere.

In order to avoid unnecessary risks and hassles, you need to check on the reservoir of available ice thickness. It is here and will help Icepick. As a rule, you can not do on the ice not a single step without first checking the ice with a blow successfully. To do this, just omit it ahead of itself under its own weight. But this is not its sole purpose. Using successfully punched holes of the required size, and there is no need to carry ice screws.

Different successfully the shape of the tip, the wide and narrow, in the form of spikes or blades. Depending on the shape of the tip, the Icepick can cut the ice in big chunks or small pieces.

The optimum weight successfully, up to 4 lbs. of that weight will be enough to easily cut a hole and not get tired. Successfully length reaches 180 cm, so anyone can pick it depending on its growth. Preferably on the handle to make a loop so you don’t accidentally lose it under the ice.

Always be sure that the blade was sharp. Blunt the Icepick creates a lot of noise and scares the fish, in addition, a dull blade bad cuts ice, which creates additional difficulties.


Once the ice reaches the desired thickness, fishing need to use ice screws. The drill has many advantages: unlike successfully, it is less noisy and much more productive, easier to transport, given the more compact size.

In selling picks of imported and domestically produced. The advantages of ice screws imported, is attributed to be able to drill any ice: loose, leaf, crisp, etc. with regard to the same device, but of domestic production, the key plus its value. Given that the market today for domestic ledoburov has interchangeable blades of various types, then pick them up under the ice, not who will not be difficult.

With the help of ice screws, you can drill holes of various diameters up to 250 mm. Many anglers use ice-axes of 130 mm., with them it’s easy to drill a hole, pull the pikes up to 5 kg. But in any case, the choice is yours.


The bailer is required for each angler, in order to clear the hole of ice after drilling and namefemale wind snow. In addition, the ladle smash the hole frozen during severe frosts. Selecting it will make sure that it is for you the most convenient and has a handle that will not let him drown in the hole, if you accidentally drop.

Box for winter fishing.

The box is designed to store gear and other supplies, and also performs the function of a chair. Here is required requirements: lightness, roominess, and strength.

Drawer you can buy in the store or do it yourself. If you decide to buy it, you will need to solve the issue associated with his choice. Boxes there are metal, plastic and rigid foam. Metal – durable, roomy, does not crack in severe frosts, but uncomfortable and heavy. With some refinement, it is possible to achieve an acceptable result. Plastic – very light, but has a huge disadvantage in the freezing cold. Box of hard foam – very light, doesn’t crack when dropped, and is not afraid of cold. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the ease of the seat. It is desirable that this place was upholstered in a warm and soft material.

A depth gauge.

The depth gauge is a nylon thread or fishing line at the end of which is weight. This device enables to measure the depth of the reservoir in a prospective place of fishing. The length of the thread must be at least 25 meters with markings every meter. However, this device the fishermen are very rarely used, as the depth of the reservoir can be measured, just unwound rod.


The purpose of the trough is to quickly deliver the bait to the bottom, so it needs to be heavy. Some of them open with fishing. These feeders attract fish faster, but quickly emptying.

Other types of feeders, quietly lying on the bottom, and through the holes, slowly washed away the bait attracts the fish. The covering area of the lure is very small, so the feeders are less able to attract the fish, but provides the longest it will stay in one place.


The most versatile bait is considered to be an earthworm. In order to catch on this bait in the winter, you need to make stock in the summer or fall. There are still maggots, bloodworm, bread, larva burdock moth. To catch a predator uses live bait, which are caught directly in the pond.


What is tackle know everything, so here are a number of key points. Fishing rods – there should be few, and fully equipped. It is useful to have a few stocked with leashes, which if necessary can be quickly replaced. A must have replacement of different diameter fishing line, hooks, weights, spinners.


Take fishing all that is, so as to predict the preferences of fish, almost impossible. At the same place but on different days, fish may not behave predictably, so you need to try different options.

Lures are artificial lures with soldered hooks. They are classified depending on weight, body shape, method and time of application. In some cases, use the jig without bait, but this style of fishing for the experienced fishermen. In most cases, the jig hooked maggots, bloodworms, artificial bait or larva burdock moth.

When choosing mormyshkas need to pay due attention to the hook. If you plan to fish in shallow water, you need to choose a thin hook, so it does not hurt the bait. In addition, it needs to be made of quality metal, and do not straighten up with little effort.

In conclusion, I would like to note that in the future you will only use your accumulated experience. It does not despair and do not do fishing last, even if it was unsuccessful.

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