Serna its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

Serna took its origin from the wild goats and antelopes. This is a tall and slender animal inhabits the terrain of the Caucasus, is exclusively among the mountains. Serna is not a widespread wild animal, the number of its poor. In the highlands lives in small series, don’t shy away from other animals and peacefully grazing together with tours, bison and deer. From predators hiding in the niches of the rocks, and from adverse weather save the peaks of the mountains.

Serna has a muscular chest and strong legs high. Their feet can reach just over a meter in height. Head of medium size, by the end of the muzzle narrows. The males ‘ weight 35-50 kg, females 23-40 kg Torso shortened in length at the withers is 65 to 80 cm Typical color reddish-brown with small whitish spots, sides and back have black stripes. Horns thin, curved, found both in males and females. It is strong and hardy animals, able to overcome long hikes in the rocky mountains, in places where no foot of man.

Sarny lead a day life, a good night’s sleep. A herd of SARN is the youngsters and females, the number of 15-30 individuals. Old males usually keep to ourselves, approach the herd only during the rut. During this period old males are expelled from the herd of young, and in some cases can kill. Mating season begins in November, and cubs Saren appear in may. Usually female is born 1-3 the baby, they are almost from birth trying to stand up and follow the mother. In the period of growing up learning to find food, to signal the approach of a predator and to escape quickly from enemies. With a life expectancy of 18-25 years.

A Gazelle hunted for many centuries. This animal is very juicy and tasty meat, good coat, used to make suede, and wool on the back of a produce brush. While sport hunting chamois hunt and hunt for help optics. This hunt may be delayed for a long time, as you have to overcome steep slopes, however, try to animal sensed the approaching person. Sarny really helpful to hear the sounds and smells within a few tens of meters.

In some areas it is forbidden to hunt the chamois for a small amount. Poachers often use barbaric methods of hunting and killing a large number of animals from the car Windows.

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