Semi-automatic shotgun MP-153 the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Weapon MP-153 is a self-loading smoothbore gun, which is manufactured in Russia. It has a large number of both supporters and opponents of its use. Shotgun used for hunting, self defense, law enforcement and sport shooting competitions. This is currently the only Russian semi-automatic weapon, which works with all kind of cartridges of the 12th caliber and its varieties, without additional switching and adjustments. The people, the gun of Mr-153 are called «Murka» and it’s still in the lead on the prevalence of the number of applications and sales.

First manufacturing magazine rifles with movable fore-end in the domestic market began in 1993. Then was released the model IZH-81, which had in its features in-store and semi-automatic gun feed system ammunition, lock and trigger mechanism. From 1997 began the development and improvement of this model, which also had only one cartridge (the length of the liner 70 mm). In 1998godu the Izhevsk mechanical plant was released by the layout rifle caliber 12/70. The weapon passed numerous tests and were transferred from the drawing to the planned object. A new model called Mr-151. However, the American distributor of weapons of domestic enterprises cat Birnkrant said that with the characteristics caliber 12/70, this semi-automatic rifle in high demand in his homeland would not use. You need to re-review the device and increase the caliber 12/70 to 12/89, allowing to obtain high-quality work arms in a wide application– from miniature to heavy charges for the shooting.

Production of the model MP-153 began in 1999. On the basis of already existing self-loading rifle Mr-151 was collected the first batch of smooth-bore guns ammunition 12 gauge and a length of the liner 89 mm. For manufacture were applied to heat-resistant steel, long spent force parameter of the spring, the corresponding cross-sectional dimension of the spring. The gun was high-quality, reliable, has long service life (guarantee for 3000 rounds) and working in incredibly difficult conditions – the temperature of the gas is several times the temperature of the steel, which consists of a barrel, and a spring constantly makes loads of a dynamic nature.

Experienced hunters who use semi-automatic rifle MP-153, argue that the number of shots produced from it is equal to 25-35 thousand during the entire service. In any case, to get a really good weapon, a thorough examination should engage immediately in the store. Ask the sellers to show you all the available guns of this brand. The main indicator of the reliability of the gun is the barrel itself – it needs to be smooth, no wavy surface, with straight strap sighting. Both barrels must be perpendicular and to keep the optimum ratio. Rack it, listen to the comfort of finger position on the trigger.

At home with a chisel make a groove more in-depth, it should be 7-8 mm in depth, otherwise at the first shot, the example can split. If necessary, you can prune an example, the tree in the top end and lubricate with linseed oil. To start shooting a new shotgun at stationary targets, to get used to the sensations and to «fill the hand». Then, after a test of strength and to address the shortcomings, self-loading rifle can be safely used for hunting, it is reliable and rarely fail.

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