Self-loading rifled gun Browning characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Semi-automatic rifles Browning is given a place in the category gas operated rifles, have the automatic moves the shutter. This gun is reliable and trouble-free action, convenient to use, has high accuracy.

The balance of the gun is achieved by the selection and distribution of the moving masses. Because the vapor of the principle of automation is highly reduced recoil force acting on the shoulder. With no measurable recoil is excellent accuracy.

Before the principle of operation of the mechanism of the gun, it is very simple. The removal of powder gases from the barrel to the gas chamber under the barrel, and further transmission of gas pressure to the gas piston. The latter under the action of pressure of gases moves back, which leads to a working condition of the bolt and trigger mechanism. The bolt goes in the receiver that is the rear location, it then extracts the spent cartridge case from the chamber and throwing it out of the gun. Further, the stopper rushes back under the action of the return spring, grabs another cartridge and delivers it into the chamber of the barrel. At the end of the barrel is locked gate.

The barrel locking is achieved by turning the larvae. ITS locking protrusions, which are returned at the end of the slide, go to certain stem grooves, resulting in a one-piece hard Association. Such attachment of the stopper to the barrel increases the shooting accuracy. In the form of control system the cartridges when fired out one by one.

The gun has a transversely-movable guard with push-button type, which is the trigger safety clip behind the trigger. Large size button guard helps the user experience.

The gun is characterized by a feature inherent only to him: there is an internal removable store which is fixed on the rotary cover.

It can hold 2-4 of the cartridge, it affects the caliber and the constraints imposed by the laws of some States. Along with the cartridge inserted into the barrel chamber, total capacity is 3-5 rounds.

The trigger mechanism is adjusted by the plant with increased efforts approximately 1.8 kg. This figure corresponds to the technical safety requirements. From the manufacturer come the warning from the independent action of some control mechanism descent.

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