Selection of boats from PVC

For anglers of any level has always been a topical issue: How to choose a quality boat to the maiden voyage did not last? First of all, the boat is required for each angler for fishing in the summer on the pond. With its help, you can reach the habitat of fish that are not available when fishing from the shore. Inflatable boat PVC should be functional and, if possible, try to buy a boat with outboard transom. After all, it will give the opportunity to move quickly on the water, and when the motor is not needed, you can use the paddles.

It is easy to use for fishing alone or with a friend, this boat without any problems sobiraetsa and disassembled, takes up little space and does not require special means for transportation.

First of all, consider cloth production boats. In our time, the best material for inflatable boats PVC is. PVC should be durable tear and stretch resistant to punctures and cuts, and must have a wide range of temperatures and radiation, in which the outer layer will not be applied harm. PVC fabric boats consist of several layers, with the right approach, the number reaches 7. Domestic manufacturers often make boats of double-wall PVC fabrics. If you need additional protection for the outer layer of the boat, the fabric will have six-layer or seven-layer. Unfortunately, there are in the domestic market and boats with a three-layer fabric, in such a missing vozdukhoduvy layer. You’re not to fishing when in a boat after a certain time will not be enough air to float on the water.

The cylinders of the boat. As mentioned earlier, the cylinders are made of PVC. Quality joints are installed manually using additional adhesive and PVC tapes. To reduce the likelihood of occurrence of the producers stick to the seams on the inside and outside lining are made of PVC. When you buy better check the appearance of seams, they should look neat and be free of air bubbles. Methods of manufacturing there are many seams: lapped, glued back to back with the lining, vulcanization, spike with high frequency current and so on. Gluing the butt joints is considered reliable and the most common, because it gives an air leak (option PVC). Compared to the splice site, and the butt looks better, but the manufacturing process is more complicated. Splice site used in the case of different diameters of the connected parts, however, there may be a small air leak.

Parts of the boat. The reliability and the overall quality of the boats affected components of which it is made. For example, valve and oarlocks. The quality of the valve depends on the design and material from which they are made. Domestic manufacturers produce oarlocks made of galvanized metal, which negatively affects the service life when working in a wet environment. Imported oarlocks are manufactured from stainless steel alloys and therefore do not corrode. As a result, you quality oarlocks, which apparently did not change during the entire lifetime of the boat. For a rowing boat is an important component of the paddle. The best option is the paddle made of aluminium tubes, comfortable and non-slip handles and blades made of plastic. The best option for the manufacture of wooden elements is plywood. This is a great value light weight and quality.

The ergonomics of the boat. Quality boats are paid attention to distance from the paddler to the oarlocks, very often it is made adjustable. It is important to choose the right distance from the bench to the floor, because the angler is not comfortable to sit with the crossed feet. The geometric dimensions of the boat are the most important indicators of the chassis. The longer the boat is, the easier and faster it move, but worse stability. Conversely, in round shape performance characteristics worse, but stability is better.

To summarize the above. Before buying a boat, you must conduct a thorough study of the required characteristics, and only then should go to the shop for the boat of your dreams.


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