Select a sleeping bag for hunting.

Every hunter or fisherman will one day decide to go on a trip right away not for one day. Before sending must prepare, so you need to decide what items you may need. Within a few days you need to rest, and to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible, you should consider some rules.

Many hunters and fishermen often take along the usual tents, but this is not the best option. Today we decided to talk about a sleeping bag, because it is lighter than the tent, so you don’t need to spend time on Assembly and disassembly. Today, you will see several options of sleeping bags, the more popular of these is the sleeping quilt.

As a rule, each sleeping bag there are both pluses and minuses, but before you is the most important task is to determine for themselves the best option, because even choosing the wrong model or size, you will be quite uncomfortable to rest in it.

Perhaps the most simple form of the total number of sleeping bags, there is a sleeping blanket. Sleeping under a blanket means the bag, which is made in the shape of a rectangle. Actually the size you can choose and wider for yourself, then to rest accordingly be more comfortable, but the weight of the bag will be much higher. Sleeping blanket you can use only in tents or in cold rooms, however this model will not be suitable for outdoor Seating, although it still depends on what time of year you have chosen. Earlier, Soviet geologists carried their own sleeping bags, they were of considerable size, but the rest of it is right on the street. This type of bag, just will not be able to fit in a large backpack, as it has high parameters.

Today, there are also newer models of sleeping bags, which are still in production are equipped with additional blankets, and a hood. This kind of sleeping can be attributed to the combined type. The hood can be used during low temperatures, it perfectly warms and protects the head. Some hoods have one big pocket, this pocket is designed to have the opportunity to create a pillow stuffed in it some clothes.

Select a sleeping bag for hunting.

Let’s now talk about sleeping bag that can still be called «cocoon». If you already know in advance that you will not relax in the most favorable conditions, then we recommend you to choose this model as it meets all the parameters. In the manufacture of a sleeping bag cocoon uses only advanced technology, after which the products undergo mandatory testing, and only then gets to the shops. The aforementioned sleeping bag, a pretty complicated form it has a specific feature that can reduce the heat transfer of the person. More precisely, the sleeping bag will produce exactly the same form in which you will sleep, thus there is stretching on the shoulders and in the legs, on the contrary, the contraction.

Under the sleeping bag in the cocoon is meant practically the same model «cocoon» but it already has a special adjustment, in which the vacationer has the ability to completely hide his head. In order for the person to breathe comfortably, there are a few small holes. Also I would like to clarify that these sleeping bags are equipped with a special thermal diaphragm that produce heat.

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