Secrets to catching carp in winter

fishing for carp vzimku

Carp is the largest member of carp, the wild form of the domesticated form which is familiar to all carp. Catching carp in winter is not as popular as pike or perch. This is largely due to the fact that many anglers believe this hopeless occupation, arguing that this fish with the onset of cold weather does no longer bite. This statement is true only partially – to catch a carp under the ice is difficult, but with the right approach, a good catch this large fish secured.

Search for fish and better fishing

The lower falls the water temperature, the more lethargic and sedentary becomes the carp. Most of the time he spends in one place, occasionally going out for food. The main task of the angler is to search under the ice of the Parking lot of fish, which is quite difficult to do.

Complicated fishing for carp in winter, the fact that it lives only in rivers and large lakes and reservoirs with running water. While strong currents loves. The reduction of oxygen in the water causes him to seek a more favourable place. You should pay attention to the following areas:

• deep zakoryazhennyh waters and pits;

• the border of stagnant water and flow;

• the area around the bend of the river;

• coastal cliffs with debris from fallen branches and trees;

• various bottom irregularities near thickets of seaweed;

• underwater ditches and watercourses;

• place reverse flow;

• accumulations of limestone.

If the pond is familiar to find carp is much easier in the winter he sticks to the same plots as in the summer. In a strange place it is better to ask local fishermen about the topography of the bottom.

Compared to other fish species carp winter is much less active. To calculate the regularity of the bite force and the time of day is almost impossible – he can peck all day, and certain short-term periods. So come to the pond need with dawn and plan to stay on the ice till dark.

The best period of fishing is thaw – multiple observations show that with increasing temperature the activity of the carp increases dramatically. In cloudy weather the fish may be feeding only in the second half of the day, and warm days with no wind the bite starts in the morning.

Training gear

When fishing for carp is the main condition for the choice of gear – their durability and reliability. Carp is one of the largest freshwater fish, growing up to a length of over 1 meter and reaching the masses in 20 and more kg.

1. The rod must be very durable and hard to make reliable sweeps. Further, the load on it decreases, and proceeds to other items of tackle. Carp are caught on stand-up bait, so it will be useful to use stands under the rod.

2. The coil is easier to put the open, medium size. Better if it will only consist of plastic – metal parts can freeze, which will create a lot of problems fishing.

If funds allow, it is better to raise the multiplier. When playing big carp often have to play off and podmotat fishing line, exhausting the prey, and the multiplier in this case will be very convenient. But such a coil has a complicated structure with a large number of elements, which not only increases the cost but also requires very careful and caring relationships.

3. Fishing line is durable, designed for use in cold water. Usually use monofilament with a diameter of 0.20-0.30 mm, the Thickness not only depends on the size of the fish and fishing conditions. If the tackle is in the snags, you should put a thicker line in the open enough thickness 0,18-0,22 mm

The bite from the carp sharp and strong, so monofilament line that has stretch factor, will be better able to repay the jerks than braid. Moreover, it stays supple in the cold and not so much damaged on the edge of the ice. Despite this, quite often, the fishermen put a thin braided line with a thickness of 0.10-0.12 mm. This option is suitable when fishing thaw when the temperature rises above zero.

4. The use of the nod depends on the chosen method of fishing. Carp often catch on the float and put a nod in this case there is no need. Even when using the jig the carp bite is very noticeable and without a nod. In the case of using put the nod by a length of 10-15 cm, which does not need to play bait, but just as a warning bite.

5. Tooling consists of a float with a sinker and a hook or spinner.

the great carp. winter

Method of catching carp in winter

The main ways of catching carp in winter, two on a float and celkovou with a spoon. Both options can be equally successful, but the use of float snap remains in the first place.

Fishing float

Use with a float rod when fishing for carp ice has a large number of fans thanks to the simple snap and ease of fishing.

The love of carp in running water brings about changes in mounting snap-in:

• at the end of the fishing line is attached a sinker, the weight of which should not be allowed to carry over gear to the side;

• above the sinker at a distance of 10-15 cm attached to the leash with a length of 30-35 cm from the hook;

• the hook is very strong, usually 7 or 8 room for Patriotic table. Animal baits it is better to take model with long forearm, plant – short.

The principle of operation is that the sinker stays on the bottom and holds the tackle at the point of casting, and a lead with a hook in the undertow, hovering a few inches above the soil.

The length of the leash may vary depending on the bite and fishing conditions, and reach 1 meter and more.

Float can be used just like store-bought and homemade, made from a piece of foam, painted in bright color. Weight is usually 4-5 g. There are two options for shipping:

1) the float is level with the water, like when fishing in the summer. Applicable in freezing temperatures in the thaw, when the hole does not freeze;

2) the float is under the water surface at a depth of 3-5 cm are Such a good option for fishing in the cold, the main thing – time to clean the hole from the ice. If mass of core sinkers are not enough, then the fishing line to hang additional weights.

When fishing on the float you can apply a thin braided line, but if the carp is too active and the bite is too harsh, it is better to put the monofil.

Fishing technique is simple – the hook is pushed bait and rigging plunges into the hole until it touches the bottom of the sinker, the float is fixed to the desired depth and set the bait on the ice next to the hole waiting for the fish to bite. Bite in the tackle with drain leash is in the care of the float to the side.

Fishing on mormyshka

Catching carp in winter on lures usually occurs in early winter, in the first 2-3 weeks after the formation of solid ice. During this period the fish is very active and is good on artificial bait with the hooked bait.

Tackles are the same as when fishing on the float, the only difference lies in the use of the nod as alerter bite.

Characteristics of the following jigs:

• model – pellet, Uralochka, larva;

• size large, depends largely on the fish size;

• material – tungsten. Such spinners are the most difficult, and resisting the flow, where carp and catch;

• colour light, for great depth, it is useful to have on the lure phosphorescent coating.

Use two main fishing techniques:

1. On stand-up tackle. The most common method. The jig stops about 5 inches above the bottom and the rod mounted next to the hole on the stand. The bite says the rise of nod upward.

2. Posting. Nozzle is released into free fall and drift downstream. After reaching the bottom it starts gently and smoothly to tighten the coil.

Equipment is selected by the angler depending on the bite. Better to have several jigs of different models and masses to choose the most productive bait during fishing.

Bait and lures

Carp, unlike other peaceful fish with the onset of winter does not go fully to a certain kind of bait. His diet is not too different from summer food, so fishing can be successful on both animals and plant tips.

1. Animals bait:

• Motyl;

• worm;

• maggot;

• shrimp meat;

• fat.

According to some fishermen, the last bait can be quite effective for catching carp in the winter. The lard should be fresh and soaked for several hours in water. It is cut into small cubes and skewer on a hook or jig.

Bloodworm, worm, and maggot must be mounted beams, a few pieces. Carp – the fish is large, so the small bait will not pay attention. In addition, the bite carp will score the other fish like roach or crucians.

2. Vegetable bait:

• Boyle;

• boiled potatoes;

• the dough;

• canned or cooked corn.

• barley;

• bread.

In ulovistost are in the first place baits with different scents – honey, strawberry, etc. can easily be found in any fishing store, or make your own. When buying, remember that for summer and winter fishing using different baits.

The dough is easy to prepare from flour, mixed with egg yolk. It is useful to add a few drops of sunflower oil for the smell.

It is difficult to predict which bait like carp anymore. Better stock up on multiple types of attachments to fishing was not wasted.


Use bait for carp is simply a must – fish a large part of the winter period inactive, and force him to approach the bait very problematic.

Principal baits are:

1. Cake. Sunflower seed cake is the best food for catching carp throughout the year. It is enough to grind and knead the clay, roll out small balls. As such, the bait will quickly reach the bottom at the desired point and will gradually disintegrate, long attracting the fish. Very suitable for long term feeding.

2. Bran and boiled corn. They can also be kneaded with the clay, or to deliver to the bottom, the bait trough.

3. A mixture of bread crumbs, cake, pieces of worm and bloodworms. Further, the bait loaded in the feeder and falls in the hole first fishing.

You cannot overfeed your fish with a weak activity of carp winter consumes much less food than in the summer. When using a large amount of milled components bait will attract smaller peaceful fish that will not allow the carp to come to the bait. Often advised to prepare the bait mixture so that nutrients accounted for 10-15 percent of the total.

Better to feed the carp in advance for 3-5 days prior to the start of fishing, throwing bait in small portions. Fish get used to regular food and will not deviate far from the place sukarma.

Useful tips:

• Sometimes even carp caught on the balancer. If the pond is quite a lot of it, then, upon the catching of a predator can catch and carp on a large artificial lure.

• To advance the lured place the bite carp can last for days.

• The use of flavorings not always effective winter carp often avoid baits with a strong odor.

• Carp is not frightened of a thick fishing line, especially when using a drop leash. So to be safe you can put monofilament thickness of 0.40-0.60 mm

• To avoid problems with pulling the mining wells are not less than 150 mm in diameter.

• Bagaric is an essential element when fishing for carp in winter. Removing the largest and strongest fish on the ice with bare hands is very difficult.

Despite rasfoieste opinions, catching carp in winter can be very productive. If there is any body of water, to catch large wild carp will not be difficult. The main thing is to study in detail all the features of the behavior of this fish and to choose the right method of fishing, especially because it does not need complex and expensive gear. But if bites carp and does not, on the same tackle and bait you can always catch another fish, like carp, crucian carp or large roach.

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