Secrets of seasoned fishermen when fishing for carp

Karasin fishing. Many experienced anglers started catching this fish. And not surprisingly, fishing for carp is the most romantic and exciting of all the methods of sport fishing. About Karaseva fishing even written picture of the great Russian artist V. G. pervym.

The most active fishing occurs after spawning and spring lasts about two weeks. This is the time when carp have not fastidious and capricious, the main thing to guess the time and to attach particular importance to the fishing mood. Because the more light mood, the more chances to get unforgettable fishing. Crucian tackle should be sensitive and float to respond to the slightest touch. The best floats are elongated, excellent qualities has a float of goose feather.

The influence of weather on Karas, a controversial issue, it can bite in rain and strong wind. More important is that the weather was stable.

Active time for fishing starts late in the evening and early morning. At this time, the carp go to feeding. His diet consists of the stems of water plants.

Carp are very shy, especially large ones. Experienced anglers so as not to frighten decent copy, throw your gear under the opposite shore. Small carp under certain conditions, for example, when the water level in the reservoir impounded coastal grass with trapped food, can successfully be caught under the nose, literally near the feet.

When fishing for carp perfect mood and bait is not enough. The fact that the bait, whether it is at least seven strands in the forehead, not just attracts the fish. This is because the carp in this pond quite a plump and provoke a bite it can only be a cunning angler. To do moving the float by pulling the line to the side. At this point the carp may respond at times with lightning speed.

Carp are hardy fish. He lives in the water in which any other fish just die. Therefore, there are reservoirs where only carp. As a rule, they are not large and feed their poor. Catch in this place and can carp on a bare hook, but its not impressive. On reservoirs, rivers with little current, the carp more active and large, but also to catch them here is extremely difficult.

Fishing for carp is an exciting process, and as practice shows, not always lucky, because you can and no tail to stay for a number of reasons. Maybe because crucian fishing leaves many vivid impressions. After all, the real fisherman in search of trophy, not looking for easy ways.

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