Secrets of hunting wild boars from susedoc

Secrets of hunting wild boars from susedoc

Method of hunting for wild boar an ambush is virtually no different from hunting in a similar way to any other animal. The principle of this type of hunting is to podkaraulili game in its most visited areas, such as pastures, watering places and transitions. To succeed in this fishery need to choose the right place to hide.

The determination of the place for the blind

Space hog pasture and fattening, you can quickly find the distribution on the ground and dug out the leaves. Often, a good ambush, you can see the locals from nearby forest communities. Because wild boars often leave noticeable traces in the form of the distribution, after visits to rural potato and corn fields and gardens. It is no coincidence that these fields establish special protections from wild boar and various types of scarecrows. The best time to enter the scene of the ambush occurs before sunset, with opposite movement of the beast side. Space for the groove are selected in advance, found the pastures frequented by wild boars.

The basic nuances of hunting for wild boars.

Before dusk you need to blend in or hide in a tree and wait for game. In order not to frighten the animal in the place of ambush, must keep silence, not to move and not to smoke, as wild boars are extremely cautiously move out into the open. The specifics of hunting on zasidko is shooting at a target in the dark or at dusk, as the release of wild boar from the forest is happening at this time. Therefore, for a successful hit the target you need to keep the game as close as possible and then hit with buckshot.

For night shooting is usually applied glow sight or attached to the trunk of a special electric torch-octoscope. The flashlight attached transactions with the ring, which is worn on the index finger. At the moment of touching of the ring to the trigger of the gun is the closure of the contact and the flashlight-illuminated octoscope goal. It often happens that wild animals go to the pasture, but not close to a distance shot, so you need to wait until dawn and wait for them to return to the forest.

An effective way to attract wild boars eat the bait when the bait is used the carrion that is laid in the haunted game. This place you are monitoring, and in case of detection of the presence of the beast should do the ambush.

For quality preservation of meat should not delay the butchering of wild pigs. To avoid unpleasant smell and taste must be immediately removed from the inside of a boar, and try not to damage the bladder and then inside it is necessary to fill the snow, branches of coniferous tree, or a nettle. In the absence of opportunities for putting fresh skin, it is necessary to pickle.

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