Secrets of hunting a duck with stuffed animals, how to choose the right place and arrange the stuffed

Secrets of hunting a duck with stuffed animals, how to choose the right place and arrange the stuffed

Success and good trophy hunting depends on many factors. The availability of high-quality weapons that you purchased for big money, a favorite and proven place are not exhaustive factors to achieve the desired result.

True professionals, ready to hunt, take into account every nuance. That is a quality that an experienced hunter does not allow to count at random, and subsequently boasts a rich booty.

This especially becomes relevant when hunting ducks and other game birds.

One way to do this type of hunting is the use of scarecrows. In the case of using stuffed animals for hunting ducks, it is especially necessary to pay attention to the state of the environment and meteorological forecast. Thus, it is suitable for hunting with mounts can be considered windy weather and the presence of high clouds.

Wave that occurs on the water surface, forcing the ducks to constantly fly from place to place, changing the location. This gives a great advantage when firing. The use of duck stuffed animals as additional funds when you hunt in this kind of weather allows you to achieve very good results.

In the case of dead calm, the ducks, mostly huddling together in the middle of the reservoir, be very careful and almost never fly. However, in this case, you can use stuffed animals paired with mankame.

Usually, stuffed ducks arranged before dawn in shallow water, under the cover of sedges or reeds.

Placement of the stuffed animals depend on the wind direction. If the wind blows in the direction perpendicular to the line of fire, it is necessary for the placement to consider this amendment. After all, the duck, producing a landing on the water, make it against the wind, because the result will be in a straight line from the hunter, allowing to fire in a more comfortable environment.

The optimal distance for a shot when hunting with the use of layouts can be considered as a distance of 20 metres. If the distance exceeds the recommended, it is reasonable to refuse the shot, because otherwise, there is the opportunity to scare the entire pack.

In addition to the stuffed ducks, you can use stuffed birds such as a Seagull or crow. Their presence near the pond indicates the absence of any danger and ensures that the birds will sit precisely on the desired body of water.

Another point which overlooked a lot of hunters. Under no circumstances do not leave the duck stuffed for the night on the reservoir, as water droplets that have accumulated over this time, will Shine in the rays of the rising sun and will bring to nothing all your efforts.

I hope these tips will allow you to obtain a rich booty on duck hunting.

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