Secrets of fishing for pike in November

November is an unusual time for fishing, has its own characteristics. This is not autumn, but still not winter. Fishing for pike at this difficult time in several ways. This is mainly fishing open water and fishing under the ice. The second method is suitable for small bodies of water (bays and lakes), which had already formed an icy crust strong (at least 4 cm). But much more interesting is fishing for pike in November on the open water. Fishing will depend not only on the choice of fishing the right baits and the weather, but also from features of each November.

Going for pike you need to remember that the lower you drop the temperature, the less the angler the chance of a good catch. With the advent of cold weather the fish starts to prepare for winter. She hides and hunts only in deep holes and in dense vegetation. Loves to hunt pike and near snags — often from one such place you can catch up to a dozen of the toothy predators. She can be easily caught in areas with flooded cane. Finding a Parking spot fish, you can safely come here every year, because of a pike, they almost do not change.

For pike in November, fit any bait. This is the main plus of such fishing. However, it is better to choose a bigger bait, because the fish will pick it up. Well proven in this case spinners spoons, with which you can get a good catch. When casting spinners should take into account the direction and speed of wind. Also suitable vibrohvost. But the pike in November, the bait should be abandoned because to catch it in this period is not so simple. Even if it failed, the bait fish will not behave very actively, so to predict how to behave in the pike with this bait is unlikely. Professional fishermen are advised to try to use as dead fish bait that can be very effective. The main reason is that the pike in this period feeds on sleeping fish on the bottom. To attract the attention of the predator late autumn you can also lures and balancers of different colors: white, yellow, copper-red and green. The rocker silver color, on the contrary, fish in the cold season displays absolutely no interest. Surprising is the fact that before the ice pike eagerly takes a normal Popper, because this noisy lure, usually used in the summer. The wiring, of course, better not do so aggressive, so as not to spook their prey.

To successfully catch a toothy predator in this period is possible and a simple float rod in ponds with moderate flow. To throw so that the bait is located as close to the bottom. If fishing takes place in dense thickets of underwater vegetation, you must leave about 1 m to the bottom.

Bite of the pike in late autumn, always very specific, which is associated with the process of swallowing the bait. The predator tries to swallow the bait immediately, but stops for a few seconds, then begins to deploy a live bait head first and continues ingestion. Float result first goes to the side, then bounces several times and goes under the water. Patience in a fishing trip plays a significant role, because the cuttings need only be carried out after the bait is swallowed.

The most productive time for catching of a pike in November is considered the morning. Fishing is best at dawn or in the evening, just before sunset. During the day the pike likes to relax and absolutely do not show any interest in the baits. The exception is the fish lives in small ponds that takes the bait all day until sunset.

Unfortunately, the pike fishing in November is not always happy fishermen with a good catch, but that does not make it less interesting, because thanks to the process of fishing, choosing baits, search sites, observing the behavior of the «toothy» during the attack the bait.

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