Secrets of an experienced fisherman

Each fisherman has their own little secrets of a successful fishing. Experienced fishermen do not hesitate to share them with beginners.

Saving fry

In the cold time of year to catch bait for catching of a predator is quite difficult, and the store is not easy.

Too close to the dishes, as well as when stored in a warm room the fry tend to go belly up and die in a short time. How to keep the fry safe?


It’s very simple: in a large glass jar in the refrigerator at a temperature of 1-3 degrees. However, do not change their water, feed and cover. In the cold they will be in a state of torpor, so the hunger will not experience. And cover can deprive them of the ability to breathe. Going on a fishing trip, banks gets a certain number of fry, while others are put back in the fridge.

How to store dough

The dough for bait wasn’t dried out and was convenient in use, it can be placed in an empty tube of toothpaste. Select a tube large volume, cut off the bottom, rinse it thoroughly and dry it to avoid the smell of pasta. Prepared dough is compacted tightly inside in such numbers that the end of the tube can be wrapped and thoroughly secure.

Living pouch

If after fishing, you have unused small bloodworms, he can do a good job. Fold the remains in a piece of cloth or a handkerchief, tie it with a knot. Make it some holes the size of a head of a match. Tie the bag to the line and sink to the bottom. The bite in this hole the next day will be much more abundant than in the neighboring. Checked by experienced fishermen.


Fishermen often notice that their colleagues lay zhivtsovy the bait and begin to wield a spoon, trying to catch small fish for tips on predator. But to catch the fry is not easy, especially in winter. To deceive predatory fish possible, using the nozzle tail larger fish than live bait. To do this, cut the tail fin need to be cut lengthwise into two halves and each separately to stick on the hook.

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