Sebel – a small fish with a capital letter

Siebel ABO bleak

About Sebele

Sibel (Sibel, perched) – a bright representative of sebeling. He lives in almost all flowing freshwater bodies of Central Russia, and also in some rivers in the southern part of the country. It lives mainly in the upper layers of water up to 1.5 m, feeding on insects and plant elements, such as algae.

Sebel fish schooling. One downside of sebela can consist of up to 2,000 individuals. The size of this fish is small – the maximum length of individuals 15-23cm. But what are the advantages of this fish and how to catch fish?


Seasons and time of day of fishing

Sebel very careless and sloppy habits when fishing; bite sharp and accompanied by a short duration of time. But there are conditions and seasons under which the activity of this fish is reduced:

— spill of the reservoir or spring floods;

— changeable weather;

— «flowering season» of the reservoir;

— the pre-spawning period «gluhozime» (approximately from mid January to end of February);

— bright and Sunny weather.

In addition to these factors, Sebel well taken during both the summer and winter fishing. For summer season fishing for Sebela best to implement from the beginning of dawn until the complete formation of the day until the sun warmed the water. Also with the onset of dusk and before night Sebel starts to eat actively, and use an experienced fishermen when fishing of this fish. In winter the fishing is carried out Sebela throughout the day. This is due to the stable water temperature and protecting fish from direct sunlight, since the greater the water temperature the activity of sebela reduced.

Fishing and bait

Catch sebela best in places with a return flow, as well as at the joints between the Creek and the constant flow of the river. For catching sebele in the summer use a light rod with a length of 2.5 to 5m of any material. For more effective result, apply hooks marked size 2.5 to 4.5 mm, and 10-25cm from the hook on the fishing line is fixed a light sinker that provides immersion of the hook with the bait at the desired depth of fishing. Bait you can use is quite different: various insect larvae, worms, bloodworms, Shitikov, maggots, breadcrumbs, semolina, barley. To attract schools of fish to the fishing spot, you can feed Sebele by tossing bait into the water or setting up a special feeder with bait.

And the conclusion: for a hike to the pond you can catch up to 3 kg of this fish that has good flavor and perfect for fish dishes, as well as for the manufacture of taranco with Sebela. With proper preparation, the fishing Sebela becomes an exciting and interesting pastime that is important for any fisherman!

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