Seasonal fishing calendar: September


From September 10 in the North-West and North the game begins with the salmon. He spawns in the rocks, the shallows, but where the current is rapid. The eggs of salmon is very large, a pea. First, they have a milky white color and then find a yellow color. Eggs a salmon lays in the grooves, in which the female pulls itself. These fish spawn families. At the same time spawn in the North throws a salmon, weighing not less than 2.8 kg. they spawn in pairs in the pits, at a depth where the water is cold the trout caviar has since September 15. Spawn it takes place in several stages, and as well families the eggs they buried in pits, in advance up.

In these parts the best showerheads are the larvae of the blind Bunchikov (river lamprey). Good this nozzle and fishing on the Neva. In mid-September, larvae begin to develop in fish.

Gathering in flocks, to a depth of go, IDE, Dace, Rudd. And yet, roach, Chub, cheeper and ruff. Them out and pike. Bullhead from 15 – 17 September does not bite at all. Chub, if he takes the bait, the depth, and only on crayfish, eel, or pork rinds.

Dace and roach are biting well until the frost, and they prefer maggots and bloodworms.

Sarasper bite from the bottom and exclusively on live bait. Where the depth, usual pike, who has started biting. Catch pike should be from the bottom on live bait, trolling.

Ruff goes into the deep, into the pit, and finally, until next summer. It is possible to catch where the muddy bottom. Ruff likes of Motyl and the worm.

In the pit, in large flocks coming to perch. Where the bottom is sandy. He actively takes the bait with a juvenile fish, worm, lure.

From 10 – 15 September, if the weather is warm and Sunny, catfish still are biting. And if you went the first frost, he falls into the pit and stops to take the nozzle at all.

How to start the storm, take the nozzle burbot.

In the North-West, in the 20s of September, there is great fishing for whitefish. Excellent fishing for trout!

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