Seasonal fishing calendar: October

Seasonal fishing calendar: October








The month of October is rightly called the final time fishermen. If the first month of autumn could still please the fans of fishing the warm weather with clear days in October in this respect starts deep autumn. The average temperature drops significantly. The days are getting shorter. In most parts of the country in the second decade of October, often the rain is replaced by snow, and start small but frequent frosts. Freeze and the upper layers of the reservoirs, and some rivers and lakes appears thin young ice. At this time, the bravest fishermen go out on first ice, and actively catch roach and perch.

Such a sharp change in temperature greatly influence the behavior of fish. She seeks a deeper place of residence. If the warm days of summer, practically on all lakes and reservoirs could be seen as actively walking fish, looking for food, in October in the upper layers of the rivers become empty and quiet. You might think that underwater life has stopped. But it’s not. The fish at this time you need to search at the depth where it usually accumulates in large flocks in preparation for the winter period.

At this time all the wild denizens of the waters continues the work started in the September of the autumn feeding period. A voracious pike, voracious perch and walleye bite on almost any bait. The most current and popular at present is the bait and the frog. For catching small perch you can use a worm. For catching perch is perfect large Motyl.

In cold water briskly behaves burbot actively eaten off during the summer months, when he was hiding from the heat, and was sitting all the time under various snags, practically nothing eating.

Som although there is at this time in the winter in various pits and gullies, and in October it can still be there to lure tasty frog or a small fish.

In short, we can say that October is the time of catching large and not very predator. Among the gear can be identified such as imitation fish, mugs, baubles, track, and of course spinning. Favorite method of fishing.

Of course, on the fly method of fishing is already possible to forget, but in good warm weather, you can sit on the ground or the ordinary float tackle. Before the first ice will continue to take the roach and roach. Often caught bream. In the second decade of October, gathering in large flocks out to shallow water in search of live food. The carp is in the small bays and lies on the bottom. In a trace behind it is laziness. True, he loves mud bottom with little current. Gudgeon and bleak looking for a small pit with a sandy bottom. At this time there can be removed with float rods. But you need to catch exclusively from the bottom.

Night at a small frog or a small piece of meat, ground tackle caught burbot. Some fishermen say that the fish, like most fish at this time are attracted to the light of the fire, which constantly drinking fishermen, that would not freeze in the cold October nights.

In October it is very difficult to catch in large reservoirs. Usually at this time a big wave and strong wind makes fishing very difficult, if not more. Therefore, it is best to look for a small river or a forest lake. There would can always find a quiet place, sheltered from cold winds. In this place You will have a much better chance to enjoy fishing and to catch some nice trophies.

In some places, the fishing at this time is prohibited. From the fifteenth of October in the Northern part of the country spawning vendace Saga. And in the South-West and West spawning trout. So, the fishermen in October in these places need to be patient.

For those who don’t like to buy gear in the store, this is a great month for harvesting rods. Durable rod out of juniper, Rowan and walnut. As well as material, well-proven birch.

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