Seasonal fishing calendar: November

Sezoni calendar rybalki: fall leaves





Since the beginning of November the temperature drops to zero. On the waters there first ice. However, with the coming of the sun he melts. But still the water is already cold. Starting with the second decade of November, in some places the ice thickness increases significantly, reaching a safe for fans of winter fishing six inches.

So to catch this month of both summer and winter gear. The month of November is considered a transitional stage between the winter and summer fishing.

But on large bodies of water, despite the relatively low temperature, the ice still does not appear. For such a large amount of water, you need a little more time for that would be water cooled. Therefore, in the month of November on the great lakes begins in the midst of catching most types of predatory fish.

The most interesting and gambling is the pike fishing. In intensity of the autumn feeding period of this predator can be compared only with the spring pre-spawning Joram. At this time you can catch pike in many ways. The bait, using as bait live bait, trolling, circles. But the most interesting and exciting is catching this fish on a spinning.

For catching the voracious predator such as a pike, in the month of November it is best to use large baits. As mentioned earlier, at this time pike is trying hard to stock up on fat for the winter, so she more actively takes large prey.

Among the baits that worked well when fishing for this fish during the month of November, you can highlight the lures of «KranK» and «shed», and the rotating body spoon different silicone fish. It all depends on how active the behavior of the fish in the pond. The rule is – the more it behaves the pike, the harder should be the game of Your bait.

Also quite good in the month of November takes perch. At this time, the bass knocking in large schools and actively hunt for small fish. To catch it better in the second half of the day, when small fish begin to concentrate in shallow water or in coastal waters zones. He caught both on live small fish using a conventional rod with a float, and the favorite of many fishermen, the spinning method. Among the lures are interested in redfish at this time, it is possible to allocate spinning spoons and small crankbaits.

For lovers of walleye fishing, also remain a good chance to catch that fish. Despite the fact that in November zhor pike-perch, to put it mildly, not very strong, but the real professionals have all the chances to catch a decent specimen. The most effective for catching walleye in the month of November are considered to be jig baits.

Among herbivorous fish species, most active at this time is the small fry. Larger instances tend to stay away from the coast, therefore, for its determination it is necessary to use gear to make long casts. For catching roach in November to choose places with little for a depth of not more than two meters. Among the most popular nozzles are the small bloodworms and maggots.

Bream in the third month of autumn leaves in deep pits for the winter. Therefore, in order to catch him you must use trays. With its help, You will be able to deliver bait directly to the location of the fish. For the most effective fishing lure is considered to be a small moth or worm.

From mid-November trout, like most white fishes, goes to spend the winter in deep pools and holes. Carp are also looking for suitable burrows for hibernation, or even buries itself in the mud. Therefore, to catch them is almost not possible. Fans of catching these fish, we can already begin to prepare for the new season.

In some places, larger fish such as carp and catfish, you can fish hooks. But it’s not really a sports type of fishing.

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