Seasonal fishing calendar: May

Beginning of may may be considered the month of the awakening of all living vegetation. The temperature of the water in the rivers almost throughout the country significantly raised. In all reservoirs begins to grow rapidly different reeds, reeds and other vegetation. It is in such places and need to look for fish in the month of may.

if back in April you can find some species of fish in rivers and in shallow pits, in early may, in search of food, almost all kinds of fish go in the shallows. There are several reasons: first, water temperature in shallow water approximately one to two degrees warmer, and secondly, in places very much food, either vegetable or animal origin. Peaceful types of fish here attracts a large number of young greens and different larvae, spiders and worms, well, predators, naturally the large number of fry, which at this time is full of shallow water.

Fishing in may is a pleasure. Fishing for almost any orientation provided great opportunities. Whether a fan of fishing lures or fishing peaceful fish for the bait — the chances of coming home with prey are very large. But of course without the correct approach is not what fishing will not bring the desired result. Therefore, some of the fundamental nuances of catching some fish, every fisherman going to catch obliged to know. Let’s look at them:


This month in pike actively continuing the spring feeding period. Like most fish, pike in may prefers to live in shallow water. Because after hibernation, pike need to gain the lost strength, she pecks at this time almost all of the lure. It is best to use a spinner or crankbaits large and medium sizes. If You are going to catch on mugs, bait it is advisable to choose more. So You will have a better chance of getting good loot. Currently considered to be the most effective floating crankbaits, and large size rotating blesna.


In may, the perch are not less active pike. Tactics for catching practically the same as pike. The only difference is that the live bait you need to choose small and medium sizes. The same approach should be applied when selecting the lures and crankbaits. Well at this time there is bass on live bait at the bait. Among the artificial bits will be more efficient spinning the spinner.


Perch spawn in may is beginning to gain strength. So he pecks at this time actively. Basically in may, the perch prefers enjoying small fish. So is it coming out in shallow water, in bays, where the depth is more than one, maximum two meters. In such places it is necessary to catch. Spinners and wobblers will also need to choose the small size.


One of the most productive of the may fish. Bite it is at this time very well, despite the ongoing spawning. The best bait for fishing will be different water spiders, insects and bloodworms. Can also take barley or worm. In General in may this fish is very picky and one day can change your taste preferences as far as times. In the morning it perfectly caught on bloodworms, and at lunch take only barley. Therefore, you should always have a few baits. At this time, to look for the roach have also in shallow lagoons and backwaters, as it is in time of spawning and for a long time after it, it likes to live.


In may, the bream starting to gather in small flocks, which constantly ply. So the angler who wants to catch that fish you want is constantly in search of the jamb. For catching of this fish it is best to choose places with low and medium flow. Bream likes running water. Usually catch it at night! Among the nozzles which are well-proven it is possible to allocate the moth or a dragonfly larva. It’s also nice bream responds to red worms. When fishing this fish must be used in small amounts in the bait.


When choosing a place for catching carp, you need to know that because the water in the river is still cold, looking for food, these fish will be in coastal areas, in shallow waters with a depth of one meter. The ideal is to exit and bays, coastal zones with the presence of snags and reeds. It is in these places in the morning the fish goes in search of food. As for bait, then plant the bait in the month of may is best forgotten. Use or maggots, or worm of podlesnik. In some cases, as a rule, in the cold season, carp may well caught on bloodworms.


In may behavior of carp practically nothing is different from carp. Look for this fish at great depths in coastal zones. As for the food, here too there are no special. After a winter carp is trying to gain fat, so he prefers a nutrient of animal origin bait: bloodworm, worms, maggots, clams. With a significant warming of the water, you can go to corn and bread. When fishing for carp at this time you need to be extremely careful. This applies primarily to the selection of gear. Great attention should be paid to the disguise. The line to use in accordance with the color of the water, the hooks preferably of large size, well behave on the fishing very quiet.


Once the water is warmed more than 10 degrees, you can safely go for catfish. After hibernation this fish rises from the places of occurrence and goes to the overgrown coastal areas in search of food. It is best to catch catfish at night, when he goes hunting. Catfish caught in may on the lure of animal origin: fish, frog, mole cricket. Good bait I think fried Sparrow. On the fragrant smell of this bait catfish speaks very well, though production of such charms will not please everyone! As for gear, there is virtually no options. Caught catfish at this time is mainly for bottom fishing.

And most importantly, comfort for the may fishing remember that the water in the river is still transparent, and the fish is still not fully recovered after the winter lethargy and spawning. Therefore, catch her be very careful. This applies both to the choice of fishing line, hooks, lures, baits, and your appearance. No need to wear too bright clothes. Better to give preference to dark or greenish color.

In addition, in may you can already catch Chub, carp, tench, grass carp, white bream, the Rudd, and of course Chub.


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