Seasonal fishing calendar: March

March believes a transitional stage between the winter and summer fishing. In warmer regions it is already possible to catch up on some summer gear, but in the colder, winter anglers continue to enjoy fishing from the ice. And despite the fact that ice already at this time quite loose and dangerous, wanting to catch its prey becomes less.

After all, fishing in March is particularly interesting, pleasant and profitable. During good and clear weather, to catch not only nice, enjoying the beauty of nature, but also quite effective. If the weather is good the bite can last almost the whole day.


March is the month when the fish begins to gain strength and energy, after a winter of stagnation. Consequently, and tackle you need to choose a stronger and more powerful than the winter. It is primarily concerned with fishing line. Which should be much stronger winter. But we have to be very careful not to overdo it. Still, their strength in fish is still not the same and she is still very careful, at the first suspicion will be to throw the bait, if not seeing or hearing fishing line around the bait side. As for the gear, then do that currently is with a float and bottom gear (if fishing occurs from the shore) and a simple winter fishing rod (if on ice).


For fans of spinning tackle this month is not the best for fishing. After all this time, the predator does not react to baubles and lures. Of course, some will bite, but it is rather a coincidence than a pattern. But the live bait, is considered to be a good enough bait. Especially if you catch the ice on the imitation fish. But still the most effective bait in the month of March are Motyl and the worm. To catch on this bait almost all year round. In the meantime, this bait is almost the only one that will give good results. Fishing will be much more successful if the hook stick two or three bloodworms, and attachment of the worm to leave a tail about one and a half to two inches.


Of course, the right place to catch fish is the key to success. You should choose depending on the time of year and weather conditions. And if in the winter time the most successful places for almost any fish, was hollow and shallow pits, in the spring, almost all the fish tries to go on a shallow plain, with little vegetation. As for fishing from the ice, the more successful will be fishing near the small fractures, cracks, ice, or just a short distance from open spaces of reservoir. As a rule, such persons as roach and bream likes to walk around looking for food in the shallow open water, saturated with oxygen and warmed in the sun.

What fish is caught in March


This month pike starts active preparation for the spawning, therefore, to catch her be very careful, because at this time she is still weak. As mentioned earlier, the best spinner bait for pike in March. The best bait is live bait. Ice pike are still quite active on the imitation fish is caught, and thawed bodies of water for fishing need to apply the so-called circles. They need to be run in places the depth does not exceed one and a half meters. And lives on a mandatory basis, must be on the surface of the water.


It is also very active fish at this time. If You will catch him off the ice, then set the bait on the ice if on open water, look for it near the shore, in shallow water, where it actively feeds. The current bait is bloodworms! For larger specimens the stalk. From artificial baits at this time it is better to refrain.


Very active fish in the month of March. To catch it you need, as well as pike. In addition, in most regions of the country, where there is this fish for Zander is quite possible to use spoons and wobblers. This is one of the few fish that is caught in March on spinning tackle. For walleye fishing it is necessary to use a larger lure.


It is a fish that is caught all year round. And despite the fact that at this time she starts preparing for the spawning, roach is quite active caught on bloodworms and worms. The most successful places are warmed by the sun shallow waters with little current.

To catch at this time can and burbot, bream, the Rudd, white bream, crucian carp, caught it, as well as the roach, only less active.

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