Seasonal fishing calendar: January

In the month of January for the fishermen begin the fishless days. Not only that, the ice on rivers and lakes is becoming a large thickness, and in order to cut the hole for fishing you need to make great efforts, yet these efforts are not always rewarded the caught prey. At this time every day in the water is becoming less and less oxygen, which forces you to migrate almost all species of fish, more oxygenated place.

Usually in ponds and other enclosed bodies of water need oxygen for the active life of fish is not enough. Very often this leads to mass death of fish. Therefore, if there is any possibility, through certain channels, or channels to move into a more flowing space, the fish use them. So, look for it the angler need in such places.

It is believed that the angler who wants to fish in January, not only must have a very delicate and sensitive tackle, but first and foremost, the patience that will help him find at least some loot. But what would there not talking Amateurs, real fisherman will always find his prey, and will not give up at the first difficulties. Especially because a lot of fish, though sluggish, but still caught. Let’s consider them in order:

Burbot in January

The activity of this fish in the month of January can be divided into two periods. Earlier this month, the burbot is very active. But due to the fact that the period of its spawning occurs at the end of January, to catch him in the third decade of the month, is almost impossible. So fans of catching this fish should plan a fishing trip in accordance with this fact.

Roach in January

The most active winter fish. Catching her round the winter. Is no exception and January. Of course, the lack of oxygen in the water affects the roaches. Poet this month it is necessary to look at depth where the oxygen goes. As for bait, use of fishing should be the usual bloodworms, pre-prikorma place the breadcrumbs, with the same bloodworms. But in any case it is impossible to overfeed, otherwise you will remain without extraction. Quit feeding should moderate and point using a special feeder.

Carp in January

During thaws, it is possible to catch a carp. The truth is caught it is quite sluggish and weak. So to capture you need to use very sensitive equipment. As for bait and bait, it is virtually not differ from plotinos. When fishing you must be extremely careful not to miss the opportunity of hooking, because the second attempt Karasik can give.

Perch in January

Activity of perch is the same almost all winter. The exception may be the first winter months, when, like all fish, it is more active. In January, perch can be caught at greater depths or pits. In some cases, in shallow water, where he goes hunting in search of small fish. Catch him on bloodworms (mainly small animals) and on the spinner, and balance weights ( this is for the more serious trophies).

Pike in January

The January pike, this is a very peaceful fish, as a rule, the majority of their time sitting in wait at the depths or pits. At night or with the rise of the sun in search of food, often goes hunting. As a rule, this month she is interested in small and medium fish. To catch it, or baubles and balances as a perch, or imitation fish. But it is better to give preference to medium and large lures. At this time they are active. The imitation fish is also not a bad way, but still, it’s not very sporting method of fishing. Although many anglers to catch pike this time use it.

Pike-perch in January

In clean reservoirs with enough running water in this time, you can catch the dream of every fisherman – walleye. As a rule, caught it on a special narrow spoon made of brass or copper. Look for it on drops the bottom and all kinds of pits. This is a schooling fish, so pulling one fish, not give up, continue blessit, Your efforts will rewarded.

As for bream and white bream, the month of January also could be considered successful to catch this fish. At that time, his catching has catching roach.

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