Seasonal fishing calendar: February

February is practically the last full month of winter fishing. Experienced anglers say that this month the fishing has from the previous winter months. But the more experienced anglers know that the last month of winter is very different from all of the months of fishing from the ice.

In the last month of winter, the weather is becoming almost predictable. Here you twenty-degree frost, and the next day, the thaw is already above zero. It often is the decisive factor that determines the success of winter fishing. The drop in temperature, not only affect the activity of the fish, but for fishermen, for whom fishing is not only gambling activity, but sometimes a real test of willpower, and sometimes, no exaggeration to say courage.

Sometimes for almost the entire month, there is no one at first glance, is the day for a comfortable and successful fishing. And many of the «winter anglers refuse to go on the ice for trophies, not believing in your success. But as practice shows – it is useless. It is in these harsh, and not always at first glance, have no conditions for catching fish and the case of the brightest trophies of the season. Just need to know some peculiarities of fish behavior at this time, and success will be guaranteed.

Experienced fishermen winter method of fishing know that February is the month in which the fish feels very strong oxygen starvation. Therefore, in search of oxygen-rich water, almost all fish species throughout the reservoir. Stopping at various sources and gullies. Accordingly, the catch it must mainly near open water, or sources. Also every fish in this month has its advantages:


At this time, small and medium perch is a good idea for a jig. You can also use float tackle. It’s not for everybody. As for bait, is the leader bloodworms. It this fish just loves. Larger individuals are caught already at the little baubles and balances. The correct play jigs can be quite good to coach big bass.


In the last month of winter, the biting of a pike is very much dependent on the weather. It is most active during periods of thaw. Best bite at night, sometimes in the morning. As in all other months winter fishing, caught it on live bait (usually it’s on the imitation fish) or medium-sized spoon.


This is one of the most active February fish. This is due to the fact that in January, the burbot survived the first real spawn, and practically does not eat. Therefore, the appetite of burbot in February. The best time to hunt this fish is late in the evening. He caught equally well, as live bait and trolling. Therefore, the choice of tackle depends on the preference of the angler.


Just like all other fish of the family predators, this fish is active during nice weather. Best perch takes in the plus, or with a little Mor weather, with a steady pressure. Most reliable tackle at this time is baubles. Better to give preference narrow small and medium-sized lures.


The most popular fish all winter fishing. Is no exception and February. At this time, she actively responds to the bait. If you constantly, in the right dosages, roach to throw in the hole, you can hold the fish in place of fishing, almost all the time. But here we must remember that to overfeed her too. Otherwise fish will simply become saturated and You will get the opposite result. The amount of bait need to find a middle ground. Among the lures, everything is standard – bloodworm or maggots.


All that is used for catching roach, that is fine for bream. He caught almost all day. You only need to choose the right place. As a rule, is a small depression, which can be sources or places near rivers.

Also in the month of February you can catch brush and usterka, sabrefish and even carp. But caught these fish in the last month of winter, very reluctantly, and usually on the moth, at very favorable terms, which in February not so much.


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