Seasonal fishing calendar: December

In the month of December already, you can completely forget about fishing the usual summer gear. After all the rivers and lakes almost all over the country was enveloped in ice. But in each event you can find your plus. Because with the advent of the first ice and begin a new season of winter fishing, is not inferior in the excitement of summer fishing. Of course, the requirements for such fishing is much more serious, and not everyone agrees to meet.

Severe frosts and cold wind, the constant danger associated with being on the ice, all of this discourages many people who want to catch winter fish. But most fishermen, with great joy and trepidation waiting for the first frost, that would be enough to enjoy winter fishing. It is especially productive on pergolide, namely in the month of December.

Of course, the range lovewise fish in the winter much less than in summer or autumn, but many fish are caught actively, of course, with proper selection of baits and lures.

Bream in December

Peak catching this fish just falls on Dec. As a rule, it really is on pergolide. By the end of the month biting bream very reduced. In the following months to catch this fish is considered greater success than the norm. Basically catch it near the deep holes and bottom extremes. There the water is warmer and food more. This is a schooling fish, so catching one or two things, rest assured, soon the others will come. Favorite bait bream – bloodworm.

Roach in December

The most active winter fish. Catch her not only the whole of December, but until the idle of the ice. But most vividly she caught a week after the ice formation. During this period she actively biting on bloodworms and model-free spinner.

Ruff in December

Also quite active in December, fish. This month she has very good appetite, which allows winter anglers to enjoy fishing. Moreover, ruff how active this month, catch him almost any jigs, sometimes even without bait, just winding the red thread on the hook.

Burbot in December

December is the most suitable time for catching burbot. He is caught, as a rule, normal short rods for different lures, sometimes on winter baubles. For catching him, you must use large baits. This is considered a very passive fish, so do not expect from him a playful bite, it’ll probably be weak stretch. As a rule, the prey he’s trying to swallow at once, so if he took the bait, the hook it will not be easy.

Bass in December

In December, the bass are very active. Gathering in small flocks, this fish preys on small fish, which at this time is virtually defenseless against a predator, and is quite easy prey. Therefore, catching it almost at the pond. But as larger individuals, they prefer these habitats as holes, sharp changes in the bottom and other places with uneven terrain. Catch it like a moth, using the usual spinners and trolling. Smaller perch are caught on bloodworms, but if You expect to catch a solid instance, it is better to catch a minnow, or so-called balancer.

IDE in December

It is believed that this is not the most active fish in the winter. But still, in the month of December she is very active. This is due to the fact that immediately after the ice formation, the water it produces a very large amount of oxygen, which makes even the most lethargic fish to lead a more active lifestyle. So, IDE at this time is constantly in search of food. Usually his favorite places is a different kind of zakorjazhennye sites. In such ambushes, he honors himself most comfortable with. From large predator to hide and wait for fry. Catch it, usually with the help of the jig, as well as most predatory fish.

Pike-perch in December

This is one of the most popular among all fans of winter fishing fish. Catch her or lure, or imitation fish. The first method is more similar to hunting, but the second it is an art. The most popular hunting perch is all sorts of pits and flat bottom. Bite it almost at the bottom, or about 30 cm from the bottom. December walleye prefer large lures. So, going for fishing pike-perch, gather more of big lures.

Pike in December

This kind of predators are active almost all winter. Is no exception and December. Catch it in most cases, imitation fish, not rarely, and baubles. The first method is said to be an Amateur, because it requires a lot of patience and chipotlaway training (on live bait fishing, preparation and installation of Gerlich). The second is – trolling. He has mastered many. Not to say that pike loves certain places. In search of prey it can be in any part of the reservoir. Accordingly and catch her there, where most small and medium fish.

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