Seasonal fishing calendar: April

After a relatively cool March, April is considered to be already truly a spring month. Water begins to warm up, and the day eyes increasing. In April, the lovers of fishing on summer gear is almost fully come into its own. Of course, in some areas of our country, still continue to catch the ice, but still these people can be called more daring than fishermen. Because at this time the ice is very dangerous, and to choose places for fishing should be very careful. The fishermen, who ventured out on the ice at this time, is stay away from places near thrown out of the trees or narrow places in the streams. Of course, pulling them fishing in the first place good bite, which at this time especially pleases fans of winter fishing tackles. But, after all, not only safer, but more enjoyable to go at this time to fish in open water. Moreover, after the flood, at this time there is almost on all rivers, great bite. The water warms up and fish are becoming more active every day. Moreover, after the winter of starvation, she is actively trying to replenish their fat reserves and strength. But, as in all months, fish in April, as different behaviors, and tastes that need to be considered, going fishing. Let’s look at what you need to know and consider leaving on the lake or river for prey for each actively fishing in April.

In the first place most of April month wait for fans of catching of predatory fish. It is not surprising, because at this time almost all the predator begins to gain weight and become very active.


At this time, the walleye is considered one of the most active predators. First in the month of April he is actively caught on various jig baits, not disdaining and narrow lures. In the beginning of the month the fish tries to stay away from the coast, mainly near the flanks of, or near the entrances to large bays. This fact slightly complicates the fishing of this fish.

In mid-April, the situation changes drastically. Perch looking for food out in the coastal zone. At this time he begins the so-called pre-spawning course. This time with neterpeniem waiting for almost all experienced fans of fishing lures. In the second half of April to catch a solid perch near the shore much faster than the boats at great depths.


In April pike starts pre-spawning feeding period. Therefore, at this time to catch her is a pleasure. April pike is absolutely not a hard bait. Catch it on live bait, using so called circles (this method of fishing is suitable only for those who have a boat), or artificial bait – lures, wobblers, silicone fish. Hunt this predator, as big fish and small fry. So use the lures will be different sizes. April is a great month for experimentation. Try different sizes and varieties. With regard to place of residence, in search of prey, the pike at this time can be seen almost everywhere, but still preference for fishing is necessary to give the shallow water, where she at this time spends more time basking in the sun and waiting for his victim.


At this time he was particularly active. The April perch fishing is especially productive. He is actively as live bait (to do this, use float tackle) and various artificial lures. Spinning at this time is one of the best gear for catching this predator. As for lures for spinning tackle, it is best at this time to catch rotating spinner. For fishing, try to choose a shallow place near the shore. At this time, the bass like it was there to look for a different fry and worms.

Not a bad bite starts in other fish species, let’s look at all the secrets you need to know to catch them:


Despite the fact that in April, roach already preparing for a spawn, her appetite remains very beautiful. As a rule, for fishing using the float rod, with one or two hooks. The bait is the same as in March – the moth or maggot. For catching roach at this time it is best to choose deep places near the reeds or vegetation.


In the first half of April bream tries to stay on the depth and pits, not more than 2-3 meters or the coastal edge. When the water warms up he, along with most species of fish, ready to spawn, approaches closer to the shore. Respectively, and the tactics of fishing you need to plan accordingly. In the first half of the month is best for catching feeder tackle, throwing the bait over long distances, it is too late to apply and float rod. A place for fishing you need to lure. Among the bait you need to use maggots, bloodworm and worm. At this time, the bream gather in flocks, so catching one to waste time in vain, and thrown the bait in the same spot, or miss the prey.


Not the most active fish at this time, but still can be caught, the main thing-to choose the right place. In April, the carp tries to stay away from the coast, close to vegetation and a variety of snags. Therefore, to catch it or from a boat using float tackle, or on a donkey. Caught in this time it is solely on bloodworms or red worms. Another bait for April are not yet effective.

In addition, in some areas of the country, the night is already starting to catch burbotusing bottom gear. A good idea begins to take bream. In good weather you can catch trout. Some anglers caught her at night, using as a nozzle minnow.

As you can see enough space to do the real fan of fishing in April is where, the main thing to take into account the nuances of fish behavior at this time, and success will be guaranteed. Good luck!

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