Seasonal calendar fishing: June


The best fishing for carp and barbel this month in the South-West of the country. Sirte biting well where the depth and fast current. It is worth remembering that in June of cancer sheds in the lakes so you can fish at linuxero cancer.

In Central Russia, you begin to see the larvae of the brook lamprey, but in the same time spawn beat finishes the river lamprey. Spawning in ponds carp begins. Youth catfish out of the shallows. Spawning continues in minnows. Spawn continues and carp, but only in lakes and in the Northern part of Russia.

Starts the season of fishing on the podpuskov, Kiddle. From the surface to fly actively biting bleak. Burbot hides in burrows, under snags, under the fireplace. In June – fishing for burbot (schupane). While holovli still peck at the beetle. In fast and deep water chehon eagerly grabs the worm, but it is necessary to throw deep, so he swam on the surface.

In June is the best fishing of white bream. She pecks at the bread, a worm on the bottom in blue water off the coast. The main condition is silence.

Cancer begins shedding in flow-through ponds and lakes. On the rapids you can fish on algae roach and Podust. At noon you can catch pike traps. Time of breeding maggots. The fisherman can prepare a variety of baits. Well, it is already possible to paint the line.

The numbers from the June 15 North-West and the North, trout from the rivers floats in streams, keeps the fish, mostly near the keys. Almost all large species of fish begin to stay closer to crayfish burrows. They are also good peck on linuxero cancer.

From the 15th of this month, you can fish on the ides. Stock up on crickets, they love them. Catch without a float and sinker, fly fishing. Large individuals can be fired from rifles where the deep water. Starts fishing for carp. They are found in krutilek deep and clayey. These days bad bite bream. The last day of the month the minnows emerge from the shallows into the deeper places where the bottom is sandy. Minnows can be caught on worm. In the North the tributaries of the Volga river, starting from 20 June, you can fish IDE and bream. Fish them on padenko (hair grass). Early in the morning or in the evening after 17.00 in the filler, the worm takes grayling.

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