Seasonal calendar fishing: July


The month of July strongly enough leads to adjustments in the catch of almost all kinds of fish. The fact that the summer heat, which at this time almost constantly, greatly affects the behavior of fish. In addition, microorganisms, which this month actively proliferate significantly reduce the amount of oxygen in rivers and lakes.

These two main factors affect what fish is not very active. And the catch is at this time largely depends on the skill of the fisherman. He must not only know where to look for a particular fish, but to be able to choose the right bait. But if you know the basic rules of behavior you need fish, you can get a pretty good catch, even it’s not quite fishing time. So, let’s consider what fish what, where , and how:

We start of course, with predatory fish:


In July, the pike is frankly a little active. At this time, to catch large instance You harm is next to impossible. Basically wupatki small pecks to pounds. Aktiviziruyutsya this fish in the cold or changing weather, in most cases, before the rain. If to speak about habitats of pike in July, there is no significant difference from other months of the summer there. Preference should be give to areas near sudden changes of depth, rocky bottom, support bridges or large driftwood trees. Everywhere where you can hide and wait for their prey. As for gear, here the first place is spinning. As bait it is best to choose small and medium-sized turntables. Their pike at this time prefer the most. You can also catch on mugs using live bait.


At this time bass tries to chase the fry. Where small fish there and it. In the morning bass like to hunt in shallow water. This is due to the fact that the water near the shore cools down faster and therefore, oxygen in it. In such places is going to all small and medium fish, and likes to use bass. But he tries to feed at depth, on a sandy and rocky bottom. There he gathered into flocks and hunt for fish predominantly in the upper layers of water. To catch it you either live bait, using a float rod or spinning tackle, using as bait small fan.


In July, the walleye you want to catch near sudden changes of depth. Mostly near the pits with snags or cluttered places. As walleye at this time you can catch near the supports or bridges. Large individuals trying to live alone. But smaller, holds packs. Catching it at this time you need primarily for the bait to live bait. Also with trays of large walleye can be caught on the so-called slope. You can catch on spinning tackle. It is better to choose bait long form. Here, both rotating and body spoon, if only they were like fish from local pond and were very active.

Now let’s consider a predatory fish:


In July, the carp prefers overgrown area not far from the shore. Among the bait is best to use red worm, bread, barley, dough. Catch it, usually on a float. If You are fishing from the boat or you have the opportunity to prepare a fishing spot, then fill the bottom with sand. So You will greatly increase your chances to catch good carp. You also need when fishing use bait.


In the month of July roach hiding from the heat looking for a more shady location. It was there her and need to catch. It can be near trees, bridges or other structures or of reeds. She caught on a conventional rod with a float. Choose the bait maggots, bloodworms, very well-proven dough or barley. Sometimes taking on a red worm.


Basically, this fish is caught in the first half of July. In the second to catch bream is more likely to be luck than regularity. Hiding from the heat, this fish prefers deep places of waters. Therefore, the place of fishing, on the correct choice of which depends now more than a lot, you need to choose on the basis of these rules. Choose places with different holes, best with a small current. Bream caught mainly at night, very rarely in the morning. Among nozzles used red worms, maggots and mash (a mixture made from water and semolina).


In July, carp feed very much. So he pecks at this time, very carefully, mostly when choosing a bait that looks more natural. Therefore, in no event it is impossible to aromatize the bait. Use it in its pure form. Best bait for carp at this time is rain and red worm and corn. Of course, there are others, such as barley, bread or boltushka, but they’re not as effective. Catch him in the usual float rod or a ground rod with feeders. Need to throw the Bait in very limited quantities, that would not overfeed the already the July hungry carp.

The Volga from the sea swim bream. Once the water becomes transparent, it is possible to catch walleye.

Around 20 June in the southwest of the bait begins to take barbel, he pecks and greaves, and cheese. In July is the best fishing for carp. Is necessary to catch with a bait, and where marked by his jumping out of the water. In the 20’s bream numbers down. In the beginning of the month on the broom, horse and linuxero of cancer can be fish. Frogs are biting well on Chub. He loves to «eat» and the leeches, and the black cockroach. In General, in early July, the fish are biting bad, the fishing is great, only closer to August.

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