Seasonal calendar fishing: August

In early August, fishing is no different from July, but the second half of the month brings some differences.

The nights are getting colder, are observed in the morning, the cold dew, the fog. And all this has a positive effect on fishing.

In August, a well — caught fish, well caught on the frog pike and perch. For large bodies of water characterized by improvement of perch (fry) on the track and spinning.

White fish eager to take a bait like a grasshopper, and in the month of August there is a large number.

But the biting of a pike perch and tench gradually fades away during this period.

In ponds die off aquatic plants sink to the bottom, and the water lightens, creating inconvenience for the predators, who used to attack larger fish from ambush. Therefore, they increasingly prey on grown-up youth, which confirms the fact often perch fry in the month of August.

Well take the bait catfish and carp, they like any heads, even the red worm.

The Podust also biting well at the top, on flies and worms from the bottom.

For IDE and bream fishermen prepare the nozzle of the young oats.

At the end of the month roach begins to take a well worm.

Such bait like a leech, often used for catching Chub.

Duration August nights increases and the meaning is lost in night fishing with a float rod. But can please the fisherman good catch, delivered on the night of the donkey and imitation fish.

Good biting carp and catfish. On the red worm in the Volga excellent bite carp. And in Moscow-the river good bite Podust. It is necessary to fish the floor if the bait will fly, but if the worm is at the bottom. Bream and IDE take the young oats, it is necessary to fish fly fishing. For roach supplies a bigger worm. August is the month when the bait quickly grab sarasper, perch, catfish. It is necessary to fish in seines. Good fishing on the track.

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