Search predator pike in the winter

Pike belongs to the predators. But in spite of this her fishing in the winter can boast not every fisherman. Experienced anglers know where and what places to look for pike. For that you need to have the basic knowledge, namely about the behavior of fish in a certain season.

Should pay attention to in act to catch a pike — lures. The most successful of the lures is the fishing on the balancer. Especially in late winter, with the rocker catch fish in shallow water. During this period, fishermen use balancers of the size of about 7-8 inches. It is desirable to use the beams in the colors respectively, small fish that lives in the pond. Play the balancer takes a long time and monotonous. Seeing is prey, fish, in this case a pike, as a true hunter will try to grab her.

If in warm weather, the pike was not of the quiet bays, sunken trees of shallow water and reeds, and in a period of stagnant ice she will remain in these areas. For his ambush the pike will use any cover.

When searching for places to fish with, it is important to use your knowledge of the reservoir or on the shoreline. If there are a lot of ledges, coastal breaks, then surely the pike here.

In the period of the deaf winter (mid-January), changing the behavior of fish, such as pike tries to get away on the bottom, looking for oxygen-rich places, such as deep holes with a quiet flow of water, underwater sounding keys, the mouth of the rivers.

Also a good location pike there is a deep edge, deep drop offs. In order to find these places you need to drill the holes perpendicular to the shore at intervals of 15 meters. When the swings are, the distance between the holes is reduced to 5 meters. And here it is already possible to set the upper and lower part of the brow, where is the predator in their ambush.

You should pay attention to fallen trees into the water. But be careful, because you can catch hold of numerous twigs and branches. During this period, pike can come close to the shallows and thickets to get fry. But this period lasts a short time, and then pike again goes into depth.

And all-taki the best time for pike believes February to the end of this month, and even early March. During the flood, pike can be found in places of a confluence of the waters of streams and meltwater. There is accumulated large quantities of fry, which is the most favourable food for the pike.

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