Sea bass fishing lure

Fisherman can not and day, unconscious that it had not yet caught the biggest fish at the first opportunity and goes to the pond to dedicate themselves to the realization of this cherished dream. Having tried all the gear, he clearly knows what the perch fishing lure are possible practically only in winter, and catch a fat perch only during the first ice for 3-4 weeks.

Then you can leave these desires before the end of winter, as extreme cold can be caught except for a little silly, who happened to be near the wells, and showed an unhealthy interest in the bait. Catch of grouper trolling in the summer is a complete utopia and such a «feat» will be solved unless anything not well versed in fishing, went to a picnic with friends «tourist». Is great with the exception of the perch caught in the fall from the boat, at least you can see the fisherman at the dam, the pool or the bridge, removing the spinner perch. The only condition for such a fishing lure is deep water or holes, therefore, it is better to spend time searching for such places than to catch a perch, somewhere handy.

Sea bass fishing lure from the boat is quite interesting, bringing often a pretty decent catch. Securing the boat, you have to do a double, using two stones, or two anchors at low flow experienced fishermen often to keep the boat, use oar, holding in one hand the spoon, and the other is constantly raking. Fall bass fishing – it has special requirements for the length of the spinning, the use of it so long as in winter, due to the fact that in the autumn the perch stays closer to the surface of the water, and not goes deep into, as it does in the winter, is not justified. However, all is learned by practice, and the choice of the length of the spinning remains with the fisherman. There is only a little advice: «it is Not necessary in the winter to raise the spoon from the bottom more than 0.7 m, as descended into the depths of the sea bass missing spoon when she continues to bounce a little higher from the bottom, but if after a great bait and a seat on the spinner caught, one fish — this place should leave without regret, because the bass in this place is just no.»

Perch fishing trolling under the power of virtually every fisherman, if he will carefully study the habits of fish. So during the fall fishing one can often observe a situation when a bass grabs the lure after when it falls to the bottom or rises to the water surface, and in the first case, it is rarely possible to strike. Experienced fishermen often when fishing from a boat using two spinners, and catch a perch directly with two hands, but to be honest, it is very uncomfortable and pushes fishermen to this, just a huge thrill. There are craftsmen who make even three rods across the boat, and monitor its stability, as well as for those caught in the lure perch.

Bass are pretty tricky fish and sea bass fishing lure requires, some skill, and as mentioned earlier knowledge of his habits. Same with the fullness of bass or too long for catching him the spoon, he grabs the spoon not widely open mouth, and simply pushing it, playing it («knocks») because in this situation possible to extract a few perch, cling hook the bottom lip, abdomen and even tail, is very useful baubles with anchors. For this you can buy in stores are usually tin fish with two hooks.

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