Sea bass fishing in February

Winter fishing is a unique opportunity for a while to get rid of the city bustle and enjoy the clean air and beauty of the pond. Accessibility and excitement attracts a huge army of fans of ice fishing. Talk about the most common inhabitants of our waters are perch.

Bass like the quiet waters without strong currents.

It is a predator that attacks its prey from ambush, because it is not a very fast swimmer. But when these striped predators gather to pack, they become a real storm for the fishing stuff. For perch it is not necessary to keep quiet, because of the nature of this resident is very interesting and verifies the sources of noise, swimming up to the place where the drilled hole. In the February perch present continuous thirst to catch prey. He is extremely persistent and always focused on the attack. This fish is one of the few which feed intensively even during the spawning season. The maximum size of the perch can reach up to 3 pounds.

Young perch is very energetic and greedy – not having to swallow the first prey, he immediately tries the second. Larger fish perch starts to hit spikes that are located on the gills and makes it until then, until the fish do not become its victim. In February, when the bass comes acute oxygen starvation, it often lives in clean shallow water, near river mouths, creeks and in places where they beat the underwater keys. Also the best place for fishing in February is submerged trunks of trees and karajini. During this period, the feed becomes smaller. On small rivers bass tends to places of a congestion of fish. Even if the perch is full, he still kept near flocks of small fish and keep them moving. So if you find fry, somewhere nearby is a large predator. In February, the perch can be caught as a jig and a minnow. Sometimes to stir up lethargic bass combine fishing jig with jigging. Drilling a few holes and going from one hole to another, are the strokes of the spoon. Then, starting from the first hole, caught trolling Perches spinners are very diverse – ranging from large sizes and ending with miniature specimens. Pointless to list forms the most ulovistyh mormyshek, because for each region they own. Therefore it is necessary on own practice to identify what spinners are better suited for ice fishing. Good luck to you!


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