Sea bass fishing in December

With the onset of cold weather small the oxbow lakes and rivers in fetters of ice. When the ice reaches 5 cm, the fishermen move fishing. Privaledge!!! This is the most promising time perch fishing in December and each facing the first ice, think about this striped hunter. For each month choose your gear. In December, when a small perch grows roots from riparian vegetation, and large — on the slopes that can be caught on spinners, balancers, jigs with a planting bait (bloodworms, lacinka burdock moth, bacalau, etc.) or bezmetallny jig. Let’s look at each method separately. Sea bass fishing in December by jigging. Holes are drilled at a distance of 10 m from each other, fishing rods for blesneniya – coil with a whip with a length of 25-30cm and with a nod from cepelinai gum or a nod of Dacron. The St. Petersburg version (filly) handle from foam or cork and ugleplastika word, length 35-40cm without a nod. This option is very easy. All the bite transmitted to the hand. On a fishing rod to wind the fishing line, mostly 0.12 to 0.16, depending on the jig weight and the depth of the reservoir. Lures are used the small size, usually 30-50 mm. Material is made of copper, brass, cupronickel, silver, tin. Spinners you can buy in the store, but many fishers use homemade. Better to start with the search spinners are planning the spinner is much larger compared to usual, which attracts bass from greater distances and when the blows on the spinner, move to easy, make the strokes of the rod up to 20-30cm, with a pause of a few seconds. When bass are not very active, it is better to use spinners with hanging trinicom, then pause expandable up to 5-8 seconds, after all the trolling, the classical view is «the wave break». Options the wiring of the lures are many and impossible to describe. Game, each spinner is different, so for each you need to find a certain transaction type.

Sea bass fishing in December on the rocker. Lately, they are becoming increasingly popular. It is better to buy followers well-known manufacturers, ranging in size from 20 to 70 mm to Catch them easier than a spoon, because options transactions are not so much. Are mainly repetitive movement 20-30 cm, with pauses up to 8 seconds. When bass found himself, it is possible to change the height of the leap. Balancer as a spinner attracts fish from long distances, so the search for the perch holes are drilled in the same way as when trolling. You need to start fishing from the bottom and to sh in all horizons. Large active perch you catch more balance weights No. 7, to cut off a trifle. Small and inactive to catch on the beams smaller.

What will interest the bass in early winter — balancer or a spoon? To guess difficult even for an experienced angler, so it is better to take both.

Tactics for catching redfish in December on mormyshka. For bass, it is not important form, important game — races with a minimum deviation from the main vertical axis. Bait shallow jerk and lift from the bottom. On the muddy bottom of the jig a little wiggling to vzmutit water, it will attract the attention of adult perch. The less oxygen, the choosy fish. Bait, almost standing still, or slightly moving. Then there is a chance to get a long-awaited trophy. For this case, choose spherical, spherical, rectangular or cylindrical big jig, but in the horizontal plane it should not be longer than 5-7 mm, and don’t forget the copper or brass top.

Whichever way you were caught December’s perch, you must immediately drop the bait to the same depth, where was the bite, because the fish, standing in the hole, accompanied by his fellows, caught on the hook when towing. And the perch is biting in December, eagerly. One of the wells can catch several dozen fish. The important thing to novice anglers always listened to the advice of experienced.

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