Sea bass fishing in August

Such predatory fish as bass, is very common in Russian waters. Unlike other fish species, perch is a fairly wide body with a highly visible hill. Its color depends on the conditions of the external environment. In large bodies of water bass like small plants with dense vegetation. Time he’s hanging around bridges and dams. Seasoned fishermen noticed that the activity of perch significantly increased in windy weather. To catch the larger instance should throw gear in places with pools, wells or under the steep Bank. Favourite habitats of perch has always been considered a backwater lying at the bottom of snags, submerged trees and deep holes. Perch fishing in August continues from early morning until late evening. Most fishing occurs on the spinning or float rod. Because the bass – wandering fish, had noticed an unusual feature in his behavior: early in the morning to feed it comes in flocks along the shore to a certain point, and then the same road back. Noise bass is almost afraid, and is particularly greed and negligence. That is why bass fishing is so popular among novice fishermen.

In late summer perch caught mostly in the upper layers of the reservoir, where it preys on small fish. The most attractive at this time would be fishing for perch on spinning. Great lures in this fishing are crankbaits, small spinner spinning spoons) or silicone bait type of a shad or Twister.

The best option spinning tackle while perch fishing in August is gin. At the end of the main fishing line is tied jig head weight 12-16gr, and it is pushed vibrohvosta or Twister. Also in no way inferior, and often becomes more advantageous perch fishing on lure. Best perch fishing in the late summer will be on lakes and reservoirs.

The August perch fishing can be very successful both from a boat and from the shore. The main thing to notice, where the feeding fish. Mass feeding bass (or as it is called in the language of fishing – perches boiler) can be easily identified by concentrations of gulls. Shoals of perch fry kicked to the surface and begin to eat. Birds are also involved in this «feast». The angler should miss this place, gently approached him or by boat, gather your fly rod and start fishing. Usually takes are after each cast. And kind of bait in this case is not critical. At this time the perch continues to believe even the most unsightly bait, which sometimes scare away all other fish.

Use when perch fishing in August, a small fan or Twister will catch a lot of fish, remaining in one place (in okuniew the boiler). After some time the boiler is emptied, and the perch fishing is stopped. New perches boiler immediately appears in another place, noticing which, the angler immediately goes over and lays out your spinning.

Bait and lure perch in August, not necessarily, except in very bad bite. But it usually gives poor results. Lure is often a worm, much less slugs or raw bones with some meat rare (on reservoirs with a normal swing).

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