Scissors – the best tool for pike in the spring

During early spring when the spawning pike in the middle and everyone tries to snatch a tasty morsel, the main method is the right catch. Network and spiders which I will discuss later have long passed stage, let’s look ahead where all of the above come the so-called people – SCISSORS. The contents of the catch is pretty simple and now I will prove it. Some of the features of the structure. Imagine two 2-2,5 foot sticks with a diameter of about 6-7 see the whole length of the stick and the other is more correct to say the pole, pass the grid has at the end of the base in the form of bag that would when lifting the fish fell back in the trap.The mesh should be thread and not from the line, believe me it is safer and untangle constantly tired. Both nets are knitted from one and other poles up to about 3-4 meters, the main thing to do at the end of their connection slack in the form of a bag why I already explained. The grid is bound to the poles by strong thread along the pole and is strictly parallel to it before meeting the other, thus forming a closed space. When choosing a place for catching look for the shore, where the water swirls like a mini maelstrom so to speak.There might be over nothing terrible just a pair of scissors more comfortable to fish in these places, that they were not demolished. It is considered that the fish in such places is particularly fierce turns in the floodplain. Next, we need a solid stick or better area door with a length of about 15-20 cm as you prefer explain why.It will serve as a strut for shear.Raise a pole up the other on the river bottom if not bottom just as low as possible, and that they would not have developed a plug-in spacer that is area. If the fish caught the pole starts to twitch and you, in turn, quickly remove the spacer and veils – catch in the bag snapped the scissors they shut down your production. The main thing is not to miss when the trophy hit the mesh the fish can turn around it is necessary to be able to close the scissors that is a trap. Well, that’s basically it Oh yeah remember look for sites with the water cycle then more chances. Good luck with the trophies !!!!

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