Scientists do not advise to shave before fishing

Most likely, most avid anglers will answer this question negatively – say, other things to do before fishing and generally is not a dinner party and not going to the theater, and fishing to relax! And rightly so, by the way, do it! Joint research by specialists of several canadian universities have shown that the value of the catch – at other equal conditions is directly dependent on whether and to what extent fishing «merged with nature». Research (and years!) were carried out on several bodies of water in Canada and the USA.

Fishermen, scientists photographed and filmed them on video, and at the end of fishing weighed the catch. Studies were conducted both in warm and in cold season on water bodies of different types, with different types of gear, the differential algorithm takes into account all the types of fish caught, its age, gender, physiological state. In General, over 9 years of research was conducted more than 5,000 observations on different types of water bodies in the lens photo and video cameras were about 2.5 thousand fishing enthusiasts. The main conclusions confirmed by the statistical coefficients, indicate the least happy were the fishermen, clean-shaven and neatly» dressed, that is, clothes, unusual for fishing. Fishermen in tuxedos and bow ties, how would it not seem strange, quite regularly across researchers on reservoirs that are used as local residents and for the «presentation of fishing» — the entertainment of the guests attending the presentation, scientific conference, business negotiations, corporate party, wedding. Such party fishing was very unusual compared to the traditional image of the fisherman, stood out the «front» suits and clean-shaven face.

If to summarize the findings of scientists, we can say that, first, stubbly fisherman, as it «merges» with the environment and perceived by the fish without fear, and secondly, the fishermen go out on the water is still much more common (according to the observations of canadian researchers – in 90% of cases) and the fish seemed used to this method, rarely seeing it as a danger. Not, of course, not to take into account the specific smell of fish: even seemingly subtle smell possessed by almost all modern foam and gels for shaving, they take very strongly and begin to worry. What to speak about lotions and colognes! It is also interesting that smell clean and freshly-laundered clothing was perceived by the fish very wary.


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