Schedule of life of a snipe

Schedule of life of a snipe

Snipe is the representative of the marsh fowl, every self-respecting hunter, familiar with this bird. Hunting for snipe is very interesting. Snipe have very long, straight and thin beak, long legs. Spring migration of snipe lasts from March until June. Snipe Lek male in air, lifting on high, coming down sharply, emitting a vibrating sound.

Sitting down on a tree or on a tussock, he starts his mating song. Female builds her nest on dry place the bolt, closer to may. The female incubates the eggs. All this time the male is near the nest. Once hatched, the young snipe were flying along with her mother in search of food. Young snipe grow rapidly and soon leave the nest. Before leaving for the South the birds are gaining weight which makes them more vulnerable to hunters. The flight of birds to the wintering grounds begins towards the end of August and continues until October. Some birds remain in the nest until the first snow. Winter hunting for snipe is permitted in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The main and most exciting hunting of snipe I think hunting with a setter. It usually happens like this: a hunter with a dog goes hunting. Such places are swampy shores of lakes and rivers, peat bogs are hummocky with shrubs and bushes. The hunter lets the dog in the search, and he goes without the noise, trying to follow the direction against the wind. As soon as the dog hears the snipe goes with searching for potico, identifying the state bird, once the dog finds the bird, she freezes on the counter. Just as the hunter approaches the dog, stopping her from moving forward. This hunt is very interesting and informative. Jumping out of the grass snipe and shout loudly there’s a series of winning shots. Many hunters consider this hunt one of the most exciting.

Hunting «rope» takes place in the following way: at a distance of 20-25 meters move in parallel with two hunters between them on the ground dragging tied to the belts of a long rope.

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