Sanoran rifle CZ 550. New version.Its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Recently, a Czech company specializing in the development and production of weapons, has introduced a new version of the famous rifle CZ 550. The creators of the new version of the rifle was doing a very interesting version, this weapon should be the first step in the development of popular models. A new modification of the CZ 550 are individually named «Sonoran», she was positioned by the Czech manufacturers as a rifle designed for firing at long range in open spaces. CZ 550 is not suitable for hunting in mountainous or forest areas. In fact, a new weapon worthy of attention of fans of hunting, which are used by professional rifle. Now we have decided to share with you all the benefits of a CZ 550, it really is not a small amount.

CZ 550 has a relatively low weight, which generally reaches three pounds and is grams. Agree, this weapon would be very convenient to manage, and shoot accurately at targets. Producers managed to achieve such a weight only due to the fact that the structure and the trunk was designed from polymers, and the production was carried out by slab. In fact, such innovations are the use of manufacturers not long ago, so a new, light rifle only recently begun to arrive in stores. The box and the rifle butt, the producers decided to perform in a olive color that looks very good. The recoil pad was developed of a special rubber, it is soft and is therefore effective for damping of the recoil impulse when shooting is performed.

Czech producers have long worked on the production of rifle, the Sonoran, and when I started testing, it turned out that the rifle is able to perform its basic functions even in the harshest weather conditions. The surfaces, and their insides were disposed of ferritic natrocarbonatite and a complex of other equally important processes. All of the above processes is performed by specialists at very low temperatures, this gives the material a higher elasticity, which ultimately affects the lifetime. The company stated directly about what technologies are used in the production of a new version of the rifle, and what features it got. The above procedure is able to reduce friction when in the barrel the bullet goes. The company’s specialists said that only a few drops of oil, able to affect the velocity, and therefore the weapon will perform all of its duties even in very bad weather conditions.

New model CZ 550, the producers decided to submit in two standard sizes, but rather the .270 Winchester and .30-06, it’s expected to release two additional calibers such as Magnum (7mm Remington and .300 Winchester). Such a variety of calibers, in General, has a significant impact on new customers, because now everyone will be able to find exactly what he needs.

Standard and the first version of the new modified rifle has a barrel length of sixty-one centimeter, with an average sports contour, which is at number three. New development under the Magnum will have a 66 cm barrel with a heavy contour sports at number four. In fact, the rifle is rapidly interested hunters, some of them even decided to buy. Currently, the CZ 550 is still only at exhibitions, it defiantly show and tell performance. The exact cost of arms new model, unfortunately, we will not be able to lead, but soon the price is bound to be formed.

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