Sand dunes, wild cat, its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

Dune wild cat belongs to mammal species of Carnivora the family Felidae. Among all wild cats sand what breed is the small type size, the length of its body can reach not more than ninety inches, while about forty percent is only the tail, but the height at the withers may be up to thirty centimeters. Weight of adult males reaches more than three and a half kilograms, but females are smaller. The Chairman of sand cats big and broad and a little flattened, and has amazing sideburns.

The ears of this breed are also very large and wide, while in themselves they contain no bones. Iris these cats have yellow, and the pupil is slit-like. Sand cats have a very strong and broad paws, but they are short. The soles of the paws are covered with thick, hard coat that aims to protect the soles of the feet, from possible burns, which can bring the burning sand. The cat is covered with a very thick and soft fur, which is able to protect her from the cold, even at low night temperatures. Painting sand cats may be different, but rather ranging from patronizing and varies from light sandy to dark grey, however, if you managed to meet with a similar form of cats, then you might have noticed that they look really great. In the middle of the back and tail are dark gray or brown stripes, which can in some cases completely blend in with the overall color scheme of the fur. A distinct pattern on the feet and the head, and the tip of the tail may be entirely black or have a black tint.

Today the day sand cats can be divided into four sub varieties, and differ among themselves, they can only color. Sand cats often can be seen only in hot, dry areas and deserts. The location of sand cats can be very diverse, for example, it can be a sandy desert, which almost have no vegetation, and in rocky valleys, which are completely overgrown with bushes. Very rare sand cat can be found in clay areas or where coastal ridges, but sometimes they live there. This kind of cat prefer to exclusively nocturnal, but some hunters are able to meet sand a cat and a day.

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