Safety on hunting

Almost all types of hunting are manufactured using weapons, which is actually a serious source of danger. Therefore, every hunter should definitely familiarize yourself with all the nuances of safety, as well as pre-courses for the handling of a gun, of course, now we are talking about those hunters who decided to go hunting. Under no circumstances will the hunter does not have to break the rules, because if it is decided to do it my way, then the security will be significantly reduced, it is no wonder were given the rules, which were written, starting from the passing of unpleasant situations. Adhering to all established rules, you can protect not only himself but all those around you participants.

Now, let’s talk about what the safety rules established for the handling of weapons, perhaps this information will be useful to many beginning hunters. Perhaps the most basic safety rule when handling a hunting rifle, and use it on the hunt, knowledge of all types and developed methods of hunting that use a similar type of weapon. Also among hunters needs to be developed for the particular discipline from which they will conduct the hunt. To keep hunting weapons must be inaccessible from unauthorized persons, particularly with regard to children, who will certainly be interesting to get acquainted with the subject. To keep weapons for hunting must in good condition, and after hunting it is necessary to defuse munitions close to a distant location. Many professional hunters, beginners encouraged to keep weapons disassembled, but not everyone knows about how to disassemble and assemble, so if you have no skills in this business, then we do not recommend you to disassemble, but to defuse it is necessary.

It is forbidden to use weapons near inhabited areas, and can move in such places with a loaded weapon. To be in with a loaded shotgun, the hunter can only at a distance, which is able to ensure full safety of residents and Pets. If you need to do the zeroing, then you should go to a specially equipped or designated place, or make the adjustment in the fenced areas, mostly of this type may include ditches, gullies, or enclosed by fences. In some cases it can be installed on the protected point of the people who will control the perimeter and not pass on these parcels to other people.

Safety on hunting

If you are sure that your weapon has been any problems, then you should first eliminate them and then go hunting. Hunting with a faulty weapon is strictly prohibited, as safety in handling these weapons will be equal to zero. The hunter must show to your guns special attention, even when it is completely discharged, since any, even the most minor malfunction can result in an unpleasant situation for the hunter. Of course it is forbidden to send weapons to Pets and people, even in those cases, if it’s not loaded. The hunter is obliged to work with weapons in those parties where the gun barrel will always be directed in the opposite direction from buildings, Pets and people. When you need to discharge or recharge the weapon, the barrel must be directed or sky, or earth, some may choose the opposite direction in the open area.

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