Sabrefish, catching sabrefish bite.

Sabrefish, catching sabrefish bite.

The opportunity to see the bite clearly very large. About it testifies a strong leap still did not sink float.

When the sliding float is signaling you about it, immediately do the cutting. Fish once on the hook, maybe just spit them out. However, sabrefish not always frightened of the hook, and the bite may stop due to the fact that several fish did not accept it.

There is nothing wrong and in that case, if the bite occurred at the period of immersion of the hook. Watching the float, it can be noted that after about five to ten minutes will start the bite. Otherwise, you just need to throw the tackle, however, not to overuse it. Chehon in their behavior is very reminiscent of the bleak, which also revolves around the surface of the water and ready to swallow anything that gets here. This means that you don’t have to wait too long for the moment of the bite, sabrefish very quickly, within a few minutes to react to the hook.

And you probably already high rate another important advantage of the red thread – no need to constantly change the bait. But don’t forget to take with you on fishing about ten fallbacks hooks you in advance is to wind a red thread. Otherwise you risk to remain without weapons, because from a long stay in the water loses its features that attract fish.

Thread obloquy and sharper, and the trunk becomes bare, which reduces the interest of the fish and makes it impossible to bite. This process can happen very quickly, but it is inevitable. Moreover, the quality of the thread does not affect the irreversibility of this process. Hardly seems worthwhile just to decouple the hooks, it’s cutting off leash, snap in a new one with a spare hook.

Real fishermen manage to catch during a fishing fifty fishes, and they know that the time of cessation of biting coincides with the latest catch sabrefish. Although such cases are quite frequent. Fishermen await the return of night time to tame the flock left the chosen place. But we must not forget about exceptions. Frequent unsuccessful fishing trips, but compared to other difficulties in catching other fish, these nuances are very weak and harmless. And fishing with red thread deserves the attention of fishermen who, in fact, are creative and resourceful people.

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